Chapter 83 Signal Flare

The light of my cold firework was too weak, which caused my sense of distance to be distorted. I didn’t know if that black spot was actually moving closer to me, but if it was, then it was moving very slowly.

My witty remark didn’t get a response, but I gradually saw a mirror image of myself appear in the dark spot.

Just like the one at the Corpse Country banquet, this black spot also had a mirror effect.

Because I was too small compared to that huge spot, my mirror image was just a small spot of light in the darkness. I was just like a little match boy, waiting to be swallowed up by the darkness that covered the whole sky.

I had never been so scared in my life. Well, it wasn’t fear exactly. I had faced death countless times before—even the absolute unknown—so I was used to this kind of situation.

This was an emotion I had never experienced before. It was so strong that I was trembling all over and felt as if my internal organs were about to tear my body apart—the thing in front of me, this huge darkness, was something older than any civilization I knew. I didn’t know what it was, what its purpose was, or whether it had intelligence and purpose.

I felt this strange emotion from the depths of my soul. It was like the ancestors of the earliest generation with intelligence had written this emotion into my very genes, but it took thousands of years before I could feel it again.

At this time, I saw the light from a flare reflect in the black spot as it soared into the air behind me.

One, two, three.

Now that the whole space was illuminated brightly, I found that the black spot really did seem to be approaching me, along with the cliff.

I had become so close to it.

Then, four, five, six more flares shot up into the air.

I knew that this was Fatty’s style. He was clearly anxious, but I couldn’t look back at all. That black spot wouldn’t let me turn back, so I could only continue to stare at it. I thought it was spinning, and I even started to feel like it would swallow me up quickly. It seemed like it had something to tell me, and I could even hear all kinds of voices coming from it that sounded natural and human. Some were crying while some were laughing.

But I didn’t look back, so Fatty was anxious.

He must have seen me up here, but why did he shoot so many flares?

He wasn’t stingy with flashbangs anymore even if the ammunition was precious, so maybe he had found more flares on Old Bing and his team’s bodies. But still, he didn’t have to fire so many off at once. Was he really that frantic? But why?

No, something must have happened behind me to make him so nervous. Fatty wasn’t the impulsive type, so there had to be some inevitable reason for him to act like this.

I suddenly felt that something major had happened behind me, or—

Ah, he was opening the way. He was showing Poker-Face a clear picture of the surroundings.

The six flares were like six suns, and under their dazzling light, that black spot pressed towards me like a gaping mouth.

During those few minutes, I felt as if time became extremely slow and I seemed to hear music like you would in the movies. I could also see someone running towards me in the black spot’s reflection.

At this time, I suddenly felt a gust of wind come up behind me and someone squeezed my shoulder.

As soon as it happened, I found that I was suddenly able to move. I immediately turned my head and saw that it was Poker-Face. He quickly moved in front of me and faced that big black spot.

As if it could sense him, that black, mirror-like surface suddenly became turbid and the huge oppressive aura paused. In that brief moment when it was still a reflective surface, I saw that countless shadows had followed Poker-Face up to the top of the stone temple.

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Well, this part anyways (^◡^). Thank you everyone for bearing with the slow updates once I got put on that stupid project at work. I know the new status quo sucks, but slowly slogging away still gets it done in the end (* ̄▽ ̄)b The nxt part has about 65 chapters right now and the author is still updating like daily, but I will start on that tomorrow. 6 chapters in 2 days has wiped me out this time. Guess I’m getting old lol. Til next time~


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  2. Thank you for the chapter Bear-san!
    Such a huge cliffhanger!! I hope the next part we will continue with what actually happen and not star with another arc. I’m going to be crazy if after all this climax, we get another story’ instead. T_T

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  3. ( ´ ▽ ` ) Poker Face and Fatty rescuing Wu Xie from boss-level danger.. it really feels like the good ol’ days! I love them! 💖💖💖

    Thank you for the chapters Merebear! This is now my second-most-favorite chapter, after the reunion chapter where Wu Xie and Fatty finally meet Poker Face outside the bronze doors. All the feels!!!

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  6. The Ultimate! That black living void must be the Ultimate! It must have sensed Wu Xie, since he was fated to come to the Bronze Door ten years ago!! OMG.
    This is going to be the confrontation between master and guardian, if that Ultimate being-thing wants to get Wu Xie even though Xiaoge took his place…
    I can’t wait! And I hope, hope, hope the author will keep on with that story and not start over with another one!
    Merebear, what would we do without you??? THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating all this for us!!!

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