Introduction 1: Notes on Ten Thousand Mountains in the Extreme Night

The so-called “Ten Thousand Mountains in the Extreme Night” is to trace the source in the underground rock strata along the dragon vein to find the secret at the bottom of the Kunlun Mountains. It requires an extremely long cave exploration expedition, and with the exception of a few special areas close to the surface, the whole process is done in darkness most of the time.

The long dark night lasts so long that it became known as “extreme night”. It’s said that the only rays of sunshine seen during the whole journey are basically only as wide as a bowl, and they shine down from the top of the black cave like a ray of light shooting into the darkness. If it’s nighttime when you arrive at such a spot during your journey, you should leave immediately, because those places are said to be even more dangerous to enter at nightfall.

Therefore, arriving on time can be regarded as a kind of relief for people in the extreme night. If you miss it, you can only continue to suffer in endless darkness.

There’s an ancient legend on Mt. Gangdisê that comes from a very ancient custom in which people who chose to become sacrifices voluntarily entered the crevices at the bottom of the mountain and explored all the way to the end of the black vein in the rock stratum.

It’s said that you have to pass through the bottom of ten thousand mountains to reach the source of the Kunlun Mountains. It’s also said that the crevices at the bottom of the mountain can lead to another world, where there are ten thousand giant mountains underground.

So, this is bound to be a depressing story.

Social relationships in the world give people a lot of thoughts and opportunities to become enlightened, but this seemingly eternal darkness and loneliness will remove all traces of humanity and leave you to truly face yourself.

Poker-Face said that such a trip can make people understand rocks and light, as well as see the true nature of time.

I don’t know or understand it, but I think I’ll be enlightened eventually.

This is a journey to the end of everything, and I look forward to seeing what’s at the end.

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