Tibetan Sea Flower 2 Trial Reading

When Dr. Suya was in Nagqu, he saw Zhang Qiling standing next to Lake Tangra Yumco, which was glistening in the sunlight. Dr. Suya had noticed him because the other man’s robe was bulging and something seemed to be moving inside of it.  After a while, a rabbit poked its head out from Zhang Qiling’s … Continue reading Tibetan Sea Flower 2 Trial Reading

Chapter 29 Demon Monk

I had actually heard of this dish before, but I didn’t know the specific details. I had only heard Uncle Three say that there was a dish called "Wanshi Meat". First of all, it could only be eaten after it was buried in the ground for a long time. As a result, only one generation … Continue reading Chapter 29 Demon Monk