Chapter 36 Exit

I felt my blood run cold. We all stood there stunned for a moment, but then Pan Zi reflexively reached for his gun, and Fatty took the rhinoceros horn and slowly lifted it up. The ceiling was very high, so the light from our lanterns and smokeless stove couldn’t reach that far. If it weren't … Continue reading Chapter 36 Exit

Chapter 35 Rhinoceros Horn Light

When I thought about it later, I realized that I mouthed these words in such a serious manner instead of saying them aloud because I was afraid that the ghosts would hear. This made it all too obvious that my nerves had been pushed to their limit. After all, if it had been an ordinary … Continue reading Chapter 35 Rhinoceros Horn Light

Chapter 33 Grave Robbing and Quantum Mechanics

We went back into the tomb chamber and sat down, the atmosphere completely different from how it was before. Everyone’s faces were a mix between white and green, and nobody spoke. At that time, seeing the golden light reflecting off of the smokeless stove’s flames actually started to make me feel very nauseated. No one … Continue reading Chapter 33 Grave Robbing and Quantum Mechanics