Chapter 83 Signal Flare

The light of my cold firework was too weak, which caused my sense of distance to be distorted. I didn’t know if that black spot was actually moving closer to me, but if it was, then it was moving very slowly. My witty remark didn't get a response, but I gradually saw a mirror image … Continue reading Chapter 83 Signal Flare

Chapter 82 I am Special

This was undoubtedly an extremely primitive mausoleum, but the craftsmanship was extremely civilized and one could see that it had been deliberately built like this. Each of these stone houses probably acted as a sort of shrine and contained a special corpse while the huge, temple-like stone building in the middle probably contained the tomb … Continue reading Chapter 82 I am Special

Chapter 80 Long-Faced, Thousand-Handed Corpse

There was an indescribable smell in the air that had a bit of a salty flavoring to it. Fatty said that this place was a bit like a dried ham cellar. I didn’t know if the ancients used salt when processing corpses, but I only felt a little physical discomfort. All three of us had … Continue reading Chapter 80 Long-Faced, Thousand-Handed Corpse

Chapter 79 Vast as the Open Sea

There was no simple way for us to understand the cultural system formed by the combination of Bonism and many foreign religions. It was difficult to standardize it for every region, every period, and every key religious figure, especially the primitive Bon religion which had a history of nearly eight thousand years. This was the … Continue reading Chapter 79 Vast as the Open Sea

Chapter 78 Treasure God

I took a few steps back, unscrewed the flashlight to enlarge the aperture, and looked at the whole relief sculpture on the spirit screen. Among the various depictions of gods and Buddhas in Tibet, thangkas(1) were the most classic. The creative contents of thangka came from strict religious classics, which had very detailed records of … Continue reading Chapter 78 Treasure God

Chapter 77 Door to the World’s Second Most Valuable Tomb

After hesitating at the entrance for about ten minutes, Fatty finally stood up. He was physically exhausted and limped a little when he walked, but after he got up, he slapped himself hard three times and then came up behind us and patted me, "Let’s go. It’s time to save those people." Those three slaps … Continue reading Chapter 77 Door to the World’s Second Most Valuable Tomb

Chapter 75 Dragon Vein Swallows the Corpse

The atmosphere was very solemn as I pinched my brow and tried to recall everything. Even though it wasn’t that long ago, the memory was a little fuzzy. I couldn’t help but wonder if my memory was deteriorating. In fact, the whole process could be divided into three stages. In the first stage, we realized … Continue reading Chapter 75 Dragon Vein Swallows the Corpse