Daomu Biji Vol. 8

Series Title: Grave Robbers’ Chronicles (aka Lost Tomb; aka Daomu Biji)

Book Title: Daomu Biji Vol. 8: The Finale (aka Grave Robbers’ Chronicles Vol. 8)
Author: Xu Lei
Original Language: Chinese
Translation Language: English
Downloadable Version (last updated 11/20/2021): pdf and epub



In order to rectify Uncle Three’s business in Changsha, Wu Xie put on a human skin mask and pretended to be Uncle Three. Wu Xie, Pan Zi, Xiao Hua, and others went to Guangxi from Hangzhou, Changsha, and Beijing. In the village of Banai in Guangxi, Wu Xie (still pretending to be Uncle Three) met Qiu Dekao’s team again and saw Ghost, a man whose shoulders had melted and collapsed. They found that Ghost was a member of the archaeological team that went to the Zhang family’s ancient building thirty years ago, and was also named Zhang Qiling! Was Ghost the key to solving all these secrets? Driven by Ghost, they finally delved deep into the great secret of the vast and strange mountains—a group of Miluotuo who lived on cannibalism were in the mountains, and the passage to the secret location of the ancient building was very dangerous and treacherous if they delayed! Wu Xie and Fatty finally entered the Zhang family’s ancient building, but can they save Poker-Face? What will they find about the archaeological team from thirty years ago? The final finale of “Grave Robbers’ Chronicles” is about to be revealed.


Part I

Part II

5 thoughts on “Daomu Biji Vol. 8

  1. After watching “Reunion: The sound of the providence” for the second time, I became so addicted to the story, that I’ve read all the volumes from vol.1 to vol. 8 in 11 days 😀 Thank you so much for the translation ❤


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