The Southern Archives

Series Title: Grave Robbers’ Chronicles (aka Lost Tomb; aka Daomu Biji)

Book Title: The Southern Archives (Cannibalism Mysteries)
Author: Xu Lei
Original Language: Chinese
Translation Language: English
Translator: Tiffany X
Editor: Merebear226
Downloadable Version (last updated 2/23/2022): pdf and epub



From 1877 to 1878, droughts occurred in nine Chinese provinces, accompanied by thirty-two other disasters. Those affected accounted for half of the country’s population. During this year, China quickly became a cannibalistic hell. This period became known as Dingwu Qihuang. Dingwu Qihuang started with a drought and ended with a plague that spread from China to all of Southeast Asia, lasting for nearly half a century. Our story takes place in this period. The plague in the southern jungle, the truth about Dingwu Qihuang, a father and daughter…

(Aka, Little Brother Zhang’s story)


FYI: The pdf/epub contains everything on this page.

The First Case—Flower Reef

[Please note: Tiffany and I accidentally started working on the author’s first draft instead of the final version, so chapters 14-28 will have 2 versions. The draft chapters are shoved further down the page if you’re interested in reading them.]


Author’s 1st Draft of Chapters 14-28:


Southern Xinjiang Volume: Potluck Case

[Aka “Extra 7: 2018 Chinese New Year Special”. Direct sequel to the “Flower Reef Case”]


Spin-Off Case: The Map In The Dream


Southern Archives Extras

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