Daomu Biji: Post Restart Sequels

Series Title: Grave Robbers’ Chronicles (aka Lost Tomb; aka Daomu Biji)

Author: Xu Lei
Original Language: Chinese
Translation Language: English
Downloadable Version of Parts I and II (last updated 2/18/2023): pdf and epub
Link to the raws: WeChat



After Jin Wantang pays a visit, Wu Xie and his friends set out on a rescue mission to the Mongolian grasslands. There they encounter strange phenomena related to the world’s second most valuable tomb. From moving corpses, stampeding horses, strange black things, and ghostly satellite messages, will they be able to save Xiao Hua and Black Glasses in time?

A lovely shoutout goes to Seph for volunteering to help with Part III “Ghost Banquet”. FYI, as of 2/18/2023, I’m putting Ghost Banquet on pause til NPSS gets more chapters out.


Part I: Looking for the Dead in the Sea of Lights [Aka 2021 New Year’s Special]

Part II: Ten Thousand Mountains in the Extreme Night

Part III: Queen of the West’s Ghost Banquet