Daomu Biji: Restart

Series Title: Grave Robbers’ Chronicles (aka Lost Tomb; aka Daomu Biji)

Book Title: Chongqi (aka Restart or Reboot)
Author: Xu Lei
Original Language: Chinese
Translation Language: English
Downloadable Version (last updated 6/17/2021): pdf and epub



After fulfilling his ten year promise with Zhang Qiling, Wu Xie is now living in seclusion in Fujian. One day, he suddenly received a text message from his uncle, Wu Sanxing. Through various clues his uncle left behind, Wu Xie finds an ancient tomb that may be related to his uncle’s past. The tomb is the legendary South Sea King’s Tomb. But just as Wu Xie plans to search for it, Jin Wantang reveals his plan to his Uncle Two. After Uncle Two stops him and hears the story, he decides to join Wu Xie, Fatty, and Zhang Qiling as they search for the tomb.


I would like to warn you all that this is purely the internet version. I believe the author plans on publishing this some time in the future so things could possibly change. Our usual DMBJ site only has Part 1, so Part II will come from here and Part III will come from here. The pdf/epub contains Parts I and II, as well as the Trial Reading chapters. Yvette has also translated the book’s OST for you here.

Part I: The Sound of the Providence

Part II: The Southeast Asia Adventure [Black Glasses’ adventure in Mute Village]

Part III: Looking for the Dead in the Sea of Lights and Ten Thousand Mountains in the Extreme Night [Aka 2021 New Year’s Special. Author is currently updating]

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