Daomu Biji Vol. 3

Series Title: Grave Robbers’ Chronicles (aka Lost Tomb; aka Daomu Biji)

Book Title: Daomu Biji: Vol 3 (aka Grave Robbers’ Chronicles Vol. 3)
Author: Xu Lei
Original Language: Chinese
Translation Language: English
Official Licensed Version: Part 1 and Part 2 on Amazon (support the author!)



Ten years ago, Shunzi’s father led a group of mysterious people into the vast snowy mountains. There they broke into a dangerous and inexplicable underground tomb, and found countless treasures inside. But instead of leaving with this wealth, they found themselves trapped and almost all ended up dying in the end. Ten years later, Shunzi and our group set foot in the Heavenly Palace on the Clouds. This thrilling adventure close to death is full of strange things that have never been seen before, from a Kunlun fetus, house centipedes, a hundred-legged dragon god, and other strange things that appear one right after another. There are also strange and terrifying places, such as a secret corpse chamber, a ventilation shaft, a volcanic crater, a palace hall entrance, and a canal full of funerary statues to further stimulate your senses…. Was the Heavenly Palace on the Clouds a tomb built by Wang Zanghai for King Wannu? The same people who appeared in the undersea tomb so long ago almost all gathered in the Heavenly Palace on the Clouds. What is the strange connection between these two places?

Uncle Three always appears at the most unexpected times, but his appearance this time signifies the final answer to all the mysteries. But these mysteries go back fifty years, and the truth is far more complicated than it seems. All the phenomena indicate that even more terrifying and frightening scenes are to be had. If you are brave enough, continue reading “The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles”…


The raws are located here. Just a heads up: while the first 8 chapters of “Snake Marsh Ghost City” are technically Part II of this volume (Chinese Volume 3), I feel like it would be easier to just keep it all under Volume 4 when I get around to it (if you look at the way the chapters are set up in the raws, you’ll see what I mean). Either way, it won’t match the official English licensed version.


Heavenly Palace on the Clouds (Part 2)