Chapter 82 I am Special

This was undoubtedly an extremely primitive mausoleum, but the craftsmanship was extremely civilized and one could see that it had been deliberately built like this.

Each of these stone houses probably acted as a sort of shrine and contained a special corpse while the huge, temple-like stone building in the middle probably contained the tomb owner.

There was a clear saying in the Bon religion that corpses become gods. Taoism had similar concepts, which showed that these kinds of concepts definitely came from the earliest primitive religions in this land. To tell you the truth, although I was very surprised that this place was a relic of the primitive Bon religion, I could also understand the charm of such a religion.

All primitive religions were very direct in that they all pointed to a specific force, which was really a specific god. When the ancients started to build civilizations here with stone tools, they explored all the mountains and abysses. At that time, they saw magical phenomena, which eventually turned into the worship of ancient gods in primitive religions.

Even now, upon seeing such a huge black spot, I knew that it was growing from the rock strata like a living ore vein. I really wanted to know why the earliest people called it a dragon. How did they know that these black veins were all connected and led to the source of ten thousand mountains?

And what was at the end of the dragon vein?

At this time, I was trembling from the cold since I was hardly wearing anything and the only things I could see were the three stone tablets in front of me. But I couldn’t understand the words on the tablets at all.

After a few breaths, I turned my head and thought about how I got here. When I looked down, I noticed a thin black vein in the ice under my feet. I looked along the vein and figured that I might have followed it here.

I thought of the black stuff that suddenly appeared in the tunnel and started to break out in a cold sweat. It was a huge leap in logic, but for some reason, I felt as if this black thing had brought me here.

Just like an invitation, it brought me here while Poker-Face and Fatty were asleep.

This wasn’t the first time during this adventure that I felt like I was special.

But why?

My cold sweat was pouring out like crazy as I looked back at the darkness behind the stone tablets. Was it possible that this dragon vein wanted to see me?

With this kind of thinking, the darkness behind the stone tablets suddenly looked terrifying. I even felt like that black spot in the darkness stuck out from the wall’s surface and pressed up against me.

I immediately fired another flare into the sky.

Fortunately, that black spot hadn’t moved. As the space was illuminated once more, I looked at the huge black spot and feared the gods for the first time in my life. I had this strong sense that it was alive, and when I stared at it, I began to feel a great pull.

I felt like it was calling me.

At that moment, my sense of wariness disappeared and I began to walk towards the huge black spot. By the time the flare fell and went out, I had already entered the world’s second most valuable tomb.

It was very difficult to walk since the ground was covered in blocks of ice that were full of skeletons, bones, and corpses.

It was obvious that life and death were meaningless in this place since almost all of the bodies were rammed into the soil and used as building materials here.

When I came under the shadow of the huge stone temple, I saw a row of corpses lying in a tangled mess. Among these corpses, I could see many people from Jin Wantang’s team, along with Old Bing’s body.

I put the flashlight in my mouth and started climbing the huge stone temple. It took me about six hours to climb to the top, at which point I stood up and lit a cold firework.

I couldn’t control my actions at all.

The black spot looked very fuzzy since the light of the cold firework barely illuminated it, but I felt as if it was looking right at me. But the thing that really made my hair stand on end was that I felt like this black spot was getting closer to the stone temple.

It was like the black spot was surging out of the mountain and approaching me.

“Y-y-you, h-hello, G-Grandpa Dragon Vein,” I stammered.

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