Chapter 69 Decrypt 2

Fatty’s kick was the true unity of waist and leg strength, as the power from his waist was exerted directly to the sole of his foot. This kick knocked me over, enabling me to avoid that black face which had been rushing towards me. But the black face immediately discovered Fatty after its failed attack and made a noise that sounded like it was cursing.

Fatty held the giant corpse’s head up as a shield and said to me, “Mr. Naïve, don’t be fooled by the fact that this thing doesn’t have any bones. When I kicked it just now, I found that its body is very hard. You have to be careful.”

I got up, felt my swollen cheek, and then rolled my eyes as I thought to myself, that’s because I was the one you kicked. But I had no time to argue with him as that black face raised its neck up and looked at Fatty coldly with that skinned dog’s face. Fatty motioned for me to come over to his side.

This coffin was so small that the three of us were almost on top of each other, so I secretly protected my face with my knife and crawled until I reached Fatty’s back.

Almost at the same time, we watched as that thing’s face began to change yet again. That skinned dog’s face had now turned into a stranger’s face.

I had never seen this face before and didn’t know who it was, but it looked very similar to the ceramic figurines outside.

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Hell yeah, now this is my kind of chapter. Short, sweet, and to the point lol. But in all seriousness, the author wasn’t feeling good so that’s why it’s short.

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