Chapter 68 Decrypt

I looked up at the hole in the coffin wall again and found that the black person was still there, just like a statue.

I silently lay down again and asked myself, what’s Poker-Face doing right now? Since this layer of copper coins is so thick and heavy, will he encounter any problems down there?

I looked at the lacquer painting in front of me again. Fatty had asked me to look at the composition very carefully, but my eyes weren’t as good as his in this kind of environment. I didn’t understand why his eyesight was so good even though he was so old. I squinted at the strange picture on the coffin but couldn’t see what he was talking about.

“Shocking, isn’t it?” Fatty was fanning the flames on the side.

I looked up at the black person again and whispered to him, “Don’t keep me in suspense. Just fucking tell me what the hell it is.”

“You have to use your imagination,” Fatty said. “First, use your mind to erase the three-faced thing in the middle.”

I immediately understood and squinted at the painting again, letting the three-faced weirdo gradually disappear from the composition.

I dabbled in photography so it was very easy for me to understand Fatty’s statement and act accordingly.

When the three-faced weirdo disappeared from the middle of the composition, the three areas were connected together and I could even see some lines. I had originally thought that they were meaningless, but now I found that they all extended to the blank area in the middle.

If I followed the trajectory of these lines, it seemed that they could be linked.

I zoned out for a second, and when I saw the three-faced weirdo again, I discovered that it was no longer a three-faced weirdo but more of a pattern. I found that the lines of this three-sided composition were all connected with the pattern of this three-faced figure.

It’s hard to describe it clearly, but I can say that this painted three-faced weirdo wasn’t actually a painting. It had a line in it that connected the three compositions. If I was guessing correctly, then it was a road.

In other words, there was a line hidden inside the composition part full of funerary objects. This line could clearly be seen leading from a small forest, through the sacrificial horses and maids, and into the slave tube area. After that, it connected to the pattern that made up the three-faced weirdo and became a part of the weirdo’s composition. The line then wrapped around the three-faced weirdo and came out again on the sacrificial banquet side. After it connected to a part of the banquet, it went back to the weirdo’s body and then headed for the world’s second most valuable tomb.

This line kept going until it reached the black spot in the center of the building complex.

This was how we would get to the world’s second most valuable tomb from that small grove.

“This is a map,” I said to Fatty.

He didn’t answer me, but it seemed that he was quite proud of himself. I looked at the three faces again and found that this line passed through their eyes many times.

This wasn’t done illogically, but for an extremely clever purpose. I carefully looked at the banquet part of the composition to see what direction this line was going in. The line bypassed all the patterns and entered the body of a single dancer.

The line was well hidden, so it was extremely difficult to find it if you didn’t use Fatty’s method.

This should be a dancing girl figurine, I said to myself. There must be a tunnel under her.

“Ah, it’s just the usual routine,” I whispered. “You see here? It seems like the passage under that stone beast lantern we saw on the grassland leads to this underground palace banquet. And then there’s another secret passage in this underground palace where you can enter the world’s second most valuable tomb.” I touched the lacquer painting with my hand. This underground palace was too big, so it would really be too difficult for us to find the secret passage. If it was a small underground palace, then Poker-Face would know where the opening was just by touching it.

Fatty still didn’t answer me, which I found a little surprising. I looked under the giant corpse and saw that he had shrunk under the copper coins and wasn’t moving.

At this time, I found that the giant corpse’s head didn’t seem to be in the same position it was in just now. I had apparently been too excited and bumped it with my elbow.

I reflexively looked up at the hole and found that the black person was no longer there.

I suddenly had a bad feeling and immediately turned my head, only to find that the black person had crawled behind me, climbed over my chest, and squeezed on top of the giant corpse to check its head.

It must have immediately noticed that the giant corpse’s head and torso were no longer connected, for it let out a very slight wail and began to tremble all over.

Then, it turned its head and looked at me directly as its face immediately distorted and turned into Ping Lian’s skinned face. Then, it rushed right at me.

I didn’t know how it was going to attack, but I figured it was going for my mouth, so I immediately shrank my neck back and sealed my lips. At this time, Fatty suddenly leaped up from copper coins and kicked me directly in the face.

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Lawd Jesus, we can’t take you anywhere Wu Xie.

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