Chapter 70 Return

Fatty and I were completely puzzled. What kind of conjuring is this?

“It’s better to attack first,” Fatty said. “I’ll go up and grab his head and you can cut it.”

I was just about to tell him to wait, but Fatty had already thrown the giant corpse’s head over and hit that black person directly in the face. Then, he immediately rushed over.

What I had wanted to say was, “You have to tell me what its method of attack is first”, but it was too late now, so I could only follow after him. As Fatty bear-hugged the black face and then pushed it into the copper coins, I rushed forward and used the Tibetans’ knife-cutting method, which was to press the blade on the opponent’s neck and then press down hard. This kind of precision could prevent me from accidentally hurting Fatty since I didn’t swing the knife at all.

At this time, I could fully analyze the details of this creature, so I was certain that it was definitely a zombie. It had white eyes, very long nails, and was probably the corpse of a foreign slave that had been processed. I could even see that a lot of copper coins and patterned ironwork had been sewn onto its skin.

This was a coffin-padding corpse. In other words, layer upon layer of sacrificial slaves were placed into the gaps of the outer coffin. These things would eventually be crushed by the mounds of dirt that were used to seal the coffin and outer coffin, so there shouldn’t have been the possibility of them transforming. But how was this corpse able to change? Moreover, it looked like it still had some intelligence.

At this time, I pressed my knife down to cut the black thing’s neck and found that my knife had encountered a hard object. I could feel that copper coins had been embedded in its skin, so I couldn’t cut it. Then, the black thing began to tremble violently. Fatty exerted more force, but I suddenly felt its throat bulge and then it began to vomit violently from its mouth. The ejected liquid smelled exactly the same as Ping Lian’s blood had smelled.

That stuff was poisonous, so I immediately told Fatty to be careful. Fatty let go and turned around, only to be sprayed on his back. The black thing then turned around and tried to scrape me with its nails, but I held it back with my knife and shouted at Fatty to take his clothes off. Fatty turned back around and covered the black thing’s face with his clothes while yelling at me, “Use some strength!”

At this time, that thing used its nails to put pressure on my knife and actually ended up lifting my whole body up. I hit the coffin plate directly and felt my internal organs shift. Then, my knife got stuck in its nails. As it moved to swing me around, I had no other choice but to let go of my knife and let my body hit the other side of the coffin.

This isn’t the order of magnitude, I said to myself. I had thought it looked like a mollusk just now, but its strength basically made it the Schwarzenegger among snails.

I fell on the giant corpse’s body and immediately got up, only to hear Fatty shout, “Take the corpse and put it at the entrance up top!”

My flashlight was in the corner, but we had been able to use its dim reflection off of the coffin wall to see as we fought. I picked it up, pointed it towards the breach in the coffin wall, and saw a bunch of those black people crawling out of the passage one by one. These “people” were more obviously zombies than the one we had been facing so far, and many of them even had hair. Their hair was styled in top buns that were covered in Mongolian headdresses.

I rolled over and dragged the giant corpse’s body to block the hole in the coffin wall, but it wasn’t like the corpse was a pile of bricks. A hand suddenly reached into the gap that hadn’t been sealed, its curled nails looking like snakes because it didn’t have any bones.

That thing almost immediately grabbed my junk, so I put my back against the giant corpse to block the breach and clamped my legs shut while saying to myself, I’m this old yet I still have to play this kind of game?!

I used my flashlight to look at Fatty again and saw him kneeling there, his eyes already starting to turn white.

The black thing was hiding behind Fatty and I didn’t know what had happened, but I assumed that Fatty had been defeated.

But Fatty’s eyes hadn’t completely rolled into the back of his head and his eyelids were trembling like crazy.

The black zombie’s face was indescribable now, but it definitely didn’t look human anymore. At this time, it suddenly began to stretch one of its hands towards my mouth.

That hand could stretch very long, just like a tentacle.

My mind was spinning fast—what to do, what to do—when the copper coins under Fatty’s body suddenly loosened and he fell down directly.

Then, the copper coins under my feet also loosened and everything instantly fell down like we were in a funnel. The area below us appeared to be a secret vertical tunnel, and once the secret door was opened, the whole bottom section of the coffin fell down.

I didn’t have time to respond at all and just waved my hands around, trying to grab onto something. The whole area around me was empty, but at this time, something suddenly grabbed my cuff.

I hit the edge of a hard wall and thought to myself, Poker-Face! Wait, that’s not right! What about Fatty?!

But when I looked up, what I saw wasn’t Poker-Face. My flashlight was falling, but when it was spinning in the air, the beam illuminated my rescuer several times. As a result, I was able to see that it was the black zombie who was pulling me. This thing had apparently reacted fast enough to hang onto the side of the wall in an instant.

But with this reaction speed, it was unlikely to be a zombie. What is this thing? I asked myself, feeling more and more confused.

It was dark all around, but I already knew that this tunnel wasn’t spacious and was probably just a vertical well. I found that I could place both feet on either side of the wall, so I immediately did so and tried to break free from the zombie’s hold.

At this time, I suddenly heard Poker-Face’s voice come from the darkness. He instantly appeared behind me, his entire body hot all over as he put his hands under my armpits and said, “Jump!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled me back hard, almost like he was trying to use our body weight as leverage to break free. I immediately dropped my feet from the sides of the wall, and as the weight of two people fell, my cuff split and we fell down directly.

After falling for only two or three seconds, I landed on what turned out to be sand. Poker-Face immediately pushed me about two or three meters away, causing me to eat a mouthful of sand.

I turned around, not even trying to spit it out as I immediately set off the cold firework that was tied to my leg.

As the pink light instantly lit up the space, I saw that the black zombie had also fallen down with us. But I also noticed that all of the tattoos on Poker-Face’s body were showing.

The moment the zombie landed, Poker-Face immediately flipped behind it, leaped up, and cut its neck from behind.

The speed at which he moved was definitely at his limits, so I barely even saw how he accomplished it. I couldn’t even see his shadow. But there had to be copper coins or armor under the zombie’s skin, because there was a loud clanking sound and sparks flew as the knife connected with the zombie’s neck.

Now that the zombie’s head was cut half off, I found that it was looking at me askew. But at this time, I saw an amazing scene—a red tattoo appeared on the black zombie’s body. It was very similar to the position of Poker-Face’s tattoo and was slowly being revealed all over its body.

But the pattern of this tattoo was so strange that I couldn’t tell whether it was actually a pattern or just some random lines.

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  1. A Zhang zombie…I guess it was always a possibility. But wow never considered it before. For sure the most dangerous zombie ever. 😱

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  2. lol the scene where xiaoge appears, there’s a tiny bit missing in the sentence because what wu xie actually says is “…he suddenly appeared behind me, his entire body hot all over, and stuck his hands under my armpits…”
    literally no meaning lost whatsoever i just thought it was hilarious the first thing wu xie noted was that xiaoge’s body was “hot all over”

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      1. yeah np, certainly nothing big, just a little detail I thought was funny xD great job on everything you’ve done so far though~ ❤


  3. Finally, Xiao Ge!! I feel like waiting this guy appear for years already…
    Thank you for the chapter Bear-san~


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