Notice About Xilaimian’s Chinese New Year Holiday and the Store Manager’s Well Wishes

Dear members and employees of Xilaimian, during the past year, the three bosses traveled and stayed out for a long time, which led to a drop in sales and the inability of members to see the performance of the “trio’s cooperative cooking”. This situation should be improved after the Spring Festival, because the series of complaints arising from these problems should be effectively resolved after that. Thank you for your patience and support.

The Yuanshan wine is completely sold out, but it is still impossible to predict whether the next batch of goods will be on the shelves or not. If there is news that the brewing will continue, we will notify you on the website as soon as possible.

It should be noted that during the months when the three bosses were away, many fake Xilaimian branches with similar-sounding names appeared, such as: Xilaimiàn, Xilàimian, Xǐlaimian, etc.(1) There’s even an ostentatiously named solo store using Xilaimian’s cashier’s name. These are all fake. Everyone should pay attention so that they can distinguish them from the real Xilaimian. We have gathered people to negotiate with these branches many times, and believe that the problem of these fake shops will be resolved after the Spring Festival, whether physically or in name.

Xilaimian’s employees should take note of the following situation and carefully check Wang Meng’s and Kan Jian’s photos from Hangzhou. Over the past few months, there have been many cases of people posing as Wushanju employees in vain attempts to take over Xilaimian and steal the official seal. Please note that when the other party’s identity is unknown, armed conflict should be avoided. At the same time, even if it is confirmed that the visitor is from Wushanju, the number of free orders should not exceed two, and the number of people accompanying them should not exceed four.

After the Spring Festival, a person claiming to be the boss’s master may appear again. His treatment should be the same as that of Wushanju’s employees, but he can be served Houjiao baijiu. This is limited to about three bottles at a time.

After the Spring Festival, the courtyard behind the store will be open for half a month. Customers who participate in the Spring Festival activities are welcome to visit at that time, but please be careful not to feed the fish in the water or any of the accompanying bosses.

Xilaimian will be on holiday starting New Year’s Eve. It will be closed that afternoon and resume work on the seventh day of the new year. The online store’s products can still be pre-ordered during that time, but the products will only be shipped after the seventh day. All employees, please check the electric switches, perishable foods, and locks, ensure that the chickens will be warm, and keep an eye out for any rain or snow in the weather forecast.

Above all, we wish you a happy new year, prosperity to the family, and good health.

————————————— Three Bosses

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TN Notes:

(1) Just to note that Rain Village’s Xilaimian (喜来眠) is Xǐláimián and can mean something like peaceful/enjoyable sleep. The phonies are: Xīláimiàn (西来面), which can mean something like Western Noodles; Xǐlàimián (喜赖棉), which can mean something like fond of cotton; and Xǐláimián (洗来眠), which can mean something like bathe and sleep.


Just an FYI: NPSS wrote this between “Queen of the West” chapters 62 and 63 but it seems like it’s set after Notes in Rain Village Part 3 since it mentions the chickens.

3 thoughts on “Notice About Xilaimian’s Chinese New Year Holiday and the Store Manager’s Well Wishes

  1. It’s written the visitors are not allowed to give food to the leader’s companions. Because it wasn’t mentioned, some visitors may want to give food or snacks to one the bosses, for example the one who is silent. I don’t think the other bosses will have a problem with this, right?


  2. OMG this is precious. I love anything related to Rain Village. After crazy Chen Pi this is a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you for the chapter 🤗


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