Zhang Family Research Report 1

This is a simple report, which is based on all of Poker-Face’s behaviors as the ideal model of the heavenly gift. We’ll try to infer the purpose of the heavenly gift by examining Poker-Face’s behavioral trajectory.

What we currently know is that the heavenly gift is very brutal in erasing one’s memories. Basically, every time Poker-Face is bestowed the heavenly gift, most of his memories disappear. Due to various reasons, he’ll start to remember some of them later, but the chances are very small.

I do have one unconfirmed theory: Poker-Face will be able to communicate with human society in a relatively normal manner whenever his memories are fully restored. We only have a few records of the heavenly gift occurring, the clearest of which was before Poker-Face entered the snowy mountain. He told the Deren that he would lose his memory after coming out. Assuming that the desire to enter the snowy mountain is generated by the heavenly gift, then it’s plausible to believe that the person concerned will be unable to resist this behavior, no matter how long it lasts, and after the urge ends, they will quickly forget all the memories tied to this behavior for a period of time.

This kind of forgetting is imprecise and brutal, so when it starts, the person will often forget everything. It’s very similar to how you don’t want to delete words paragraph by paragraph, so you simply select all and press delete.

When asked about it, Poker-Face said that the person concerned couldn’t perceive that they had received the heavenly gift, but one of the obvious signs was that there was a sense of being out of touch with the world. He was traveling all the time, thinking that the destination he was going to was where he wanted to go, but in fact, this idea had long since ceased to be his own. After happening a bunch of times, this special sense of discomfort enabled him to realize that he had experienced the heavenly gift in a short period of time.

Every time his memories are erased by the heavenly gift, Poker-Face will go through the process of finding himself again. But if he receives the heavenly gift during this process, he will be reset to zero and have to start all over again.

Even so, Poker-Face still left enough marks for himself when his memory was intact, all of which indicated that he had been to those places before. Since Poker-Face went to those places during the heavenly gift period, and the marks he left during the non-heavenly gift period were different, we can draw some conclusions.

The first is that his amnesia in Guangxi must have been the result of receiving the heavenly gift. He lost his memory after completing something there, so that meant that Guangxi was related to the heavenly gift’s purpose.

What was in Guangxi? Most likely the Zhang family’s ancient building. So, the amnesia in Guangxi must be related to the Zhang family’s ancient building. We’ll make a note of this first: the heavenly gift made Poker-Face do something in Guangxi, which was probably related to the Zhang family’s ancient building.

In some records, many people say that the heavenly gift is random and affects the world through the butterfly effect, but I disagree. According to them, if you suddenly cough up phlegm after receiving the heavenly gift and then spit it out, this phlegm will set off a butterfly effect. But such a simple thing could be done even without the Zhang family’s heavenly gift. Even a puppy could do it. That’s why I believe that the heavenly gift isn’t random and probably has some kind of logic to it.

Of course, there are some records that say researching the logic behind the heavenly gift may be discovered by the heavenly gift itself, and it will make Poker-Face kill me in order to protect itself.

But I’m still fine, so I believe that the heavenly gift isn’t that petty. I also believe that what the heavenly gift does is a big deal.

It’s also been said that the Zhang family Poker-Face represents is just like a maintenance worker. For example, if there’s an accident in the snowy mountains, he’ll get an order to go and resolve it. It’s the same with the Zhang family’s ancient building. If an accident occurs there, he’ll get an order to go and fix it. He’s basically a plumber.

I also think this is pure nonsense, but even such nonsense comes from a magnificent imagination.

The world we live in seems to be whitewashed as very safe, but in fact, there are gaps everywhere in the world. This disguised layer is weak in some places, so Poker-Face has to keep repairing it.

But what happens if you don’t fix it? Will demons from other planes descend upon the world?

Is he like a practitioner who uses enchantments to put up protective barriers?

Of course, this is also nonsense because it can be explained using simple mathematical logic: there were so many people in the Zhang family back then, and the frequency of the heavenly gift was very high, so there must have been a lot of breaches. But with Poker-Face being the only one left, it would be physically impossible to deal with all the breaches, and the demons would have already descended upon the world.

According to Poker-Face’s understanding, he feels that the heavenly gift isn’t a normal state of consciousness. It has a purpose, but its purpose is incomprehensible.

It took me a long time to understand what he meant when he said it was incomprehensible.

For example, if you’re hungry and want to eat, you’ll hunt and gather. But this kind of behavior is totally incomprehensible to a person who will never be hungry.

Because it doesn’t need this kind of thing.

The heavenly gift may be a method for some higher being to eat, and its food is just that: experiences. This is what it needs, and we simply cannot understand it.

It’s just like reading a book. We are actually consuming some experiences—other people’s experiences, fictional experiences, etc.—into our brains by using our eyes.

But who knows? These are all just wild theories I came up with. Next, I’ll look at the distribution of marks to try and determine which places the heavenly gift made Poker-Face go to. Maybe I’ll make some new discoveries by then.

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3 thoughts on “Zhang Family Research Report 1

  1. Would be cool if the heavenly gift was a piece of some alien tech that crashed on Earth with bronze meteors, and it malfunctions or is not fully compatible with humans so they hallucinate and act weirdly lol. But that would be too logical for NPSS probably.
    Stories like these thrive on the unexplained, but it’s nice to see him try and put some lore together.


  2. I love Wuxie’s theories about how the Heavenly Gift works… I want to know everything about Poker Face and Zhang Family so badly… Even if NPPS is just giving us theories that can be refuted later, I hope he keeps writing about them. I hope there would be a part 2

    Thank you for the translation 🤗


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