Chapter 63 Blind Aunt 3

Chen Pi Ah Si’s behavior in situations had always been considered unexpected. At this time, his heart had completely abandoned his companions, Ah Xi, and even the idea of finding out who this ancient tomb belonged to. All he wanted to do right now was leave. That was why Chen Pi Ah Si was so difficult to catch—whenever he decided on something, all plans and ideas, and habits and nostalgia would be abandoned in a second.

He quickly advanced through the low passage, trying to find a way out. But after running for the amount of time it would take to smoke a cigarette, he suddenly turned a corner and saw the girl appear in front of him, blocking the way.

Chen Pi Ah Si immediately braked and then backpedaled about ten paces. The girl quickly closed the gap until she was standing right in front of him.

She either moves very fast, or she’s familiar with this place and took a shortcut, Chen Pi Ah Si said to himself, feeling upset.

The killing intent in his heart rose again, and he said to her, “Are you seeking death? Is that why you’re chasing after me?”

“A person like me doesn’t care whether they die or not,” the girl responded. Chen Pi was worried that the girl’s companions were trying to outflank him, so he immediately turned and ran, not listening to what the girl was saying behind him.

But after running a few hundred steps and reaching another turn, the girl suddenly appeared again. Chen Pi Ah Si immediately turned sideways and slipped past her. At this time, he was already out of breath, and he could see that the girl was also panting and seemed very tired from running. “You can really run,” she said. “But don’t run again. I won’t be able to catch up with you if you run again.”

Then that’s good, Chen Pi Ah Si said to himself. But just as he was about to move again, the girl suddenly shouted, “If I can’t catch up, you’ll miss me!”

Chen Pi Ah Si’s anger immediately flared up, and he stopped and turned around, pulling out the knife to place it against the girl’s neck. The girl, unable to see the danger, relied on feeling to turn her face towards Chen Pi Ah Si, and that was when he saw her face again.

Under the dim light of the fire stick and the girl’s messy hair, he could see a mischievous expression on her scarred face, which once again miraculously prevented him from making a move.

His heart suddenly felt agitated. In fact, a hard swipe of his knife would solve any problem, but his body wouldn’t listen to his heart’s murderous desires.

“You’ll miss what I can bring you…a big chance to make money.” The girl gasped for breath before saying the last half of the sentence.

Chen Pi Ah Si paused, and then a thought popped into his head. Was God trying to bring him a windfall? If so, then he couldn’t make the kill.

He had experienced a similar situation before. If he was unable to kill someone, that person would end up bringing him great opportunities in the end.

For example, Er Yuehong.

The years he spent in Changsha flashed through his mind, making his heart clench, but he put the knife away and asked, “What chance?”

“Aren’t you curious about this tomb? It’s no ordinary tomb, and there’s a big treasure buried inside,” the girl said. “My name is Jiwei. What’s your name?”

“Chen Pi Ah Si.”

“Chen Pi Ah Pi?”(1) The girl laughed, but Chen Pi Ah Si remained expressionless. “How about we cooperate with each other?” The girl continued. “Whatever we bring out, I take seven and you take three.”

Chen Pi Ah Si sneered. For him, cooperation had always been to fight to the death when they came out and the winner would take all. There was no need to make an agreement in advance.

“What kind of tomb is it?”

Because Chen Pi Ah Si had a stubborn view on agreements, he never bothered to make them.

“It was originally a big tusi’s tomb.(2) You saw the coffin just now, but the strangest thing is that there’s a part of the tomb thirty meters below the coffin, which is connected with the tomb above. This lower part is much bigger than the upper part, so I suspect that the upper part is fake, and the real tusi’s tomb is below.”

“Then you can go down. Why call me?”

“The big tomb below is very strange. There’s a…” the girl paused, and then said, “There’s a bronze bridge that goes deep into an abyss. There should be something strange on the other side of that bridge, but we can’t cross it.”

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TN Notes:

(1) Per Seph: Pi (屁) means fart, so she basically called him Chen Pi Ah Fart. 

(2) Reminder: tusi, often translated as “headmen” or “chieftains”, were hereditary tribal leaders recognized as imperial officials by the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties of China. Wiki link here.  

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  1. Per table of contents there are only 6 chapters left? Is he still writing or is it another unfinished story. Because I don’t think Chen Pi and Wuxie’s stories can end in just 6 chapters. I’m so worried

    And yes it seems girl will be Chen Wen Jin’s mother 🤢


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