What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 43 This is Not the End

Wang Meng held a meeting that night to discuss how he had been sold and kidnapped. Baishe also told them how Seven Fingers believed that there was a hei feizi in the female corpse, but he was surprised that it hadn’t been taken care of before it was transported over.

Kan Jian told them that this was the consequence of not communicating properly, because the deliveryman must have known that he was a living person. But Baishe and the old man were too far away from him, and his acting skills were so good that the old man ended up misunderstanding.

The appearance of hei feizi in the city was also a very ominous sign. So many ancient countries had been destroyed by these snakes that they started to wonder if Hangzhou would turn into a city of living corpses. The Eight Villains of the Wu family not only had to guard the shop, but also had to act as guardians (self-proclaimed) of Hangzhou. As a result, they started to believe that it was their mission to take care of this.

They hadn’t yet come to a conclusion on where the hei feizi came from, or whether Seven Fingers was the one who brought it into the city.

They liked this city a lot. Everyone who had been wandering around for many years had ended up coming here, hoping to do something for this shop and this city.

The discussion quickly turned to deciding which part of the city everyone should buy a house in so that they could protect those areas, and whether it was possible for Wushanju to have a housing supplement.


The equipment Li Cu was waiting for never arrived, so all he got from this trip was a story of a family of three making their way to one of the oil wells in the desert and getting rescued. The three black spots in the sky could no longer be seen. The three young men scolded each other in the car on their way back. Li Cu’s finances were tight, so he used the coldest tone to peacefully convince the landlady to delay his rent.

What were those three black spots, UFOs? Li Cu believed that they were human, but how was it possible for three people to float in the air like that?

With no income, Li Cu contacted the museum and finally began to discuss the excavation and protection of the Stagnant Water Dragon King Temple. He also asked if he could get a certain salary and bonus as a member of the advance team.


Liu Sang kept looking out the window during the meeting. After many years, he was still worried that the people who survived such calamities would be infected by Tu Dian’s disciples. He hoped that the various bosses in this family could concentrate on dealing with their own problems so that all he would have to do is act as a fly swatter.

He looked at the Eight Villains. Tu Dian must have put a pawn down in Wushanju, but Liu Sang hoped that the egg wouldn’t hatch. Wu Xie had a special charm where he made people feel that their many wounds that couldn’t be healed weren’t a big deal in the end. It was possible Wushanju wasn’t a place where Tu Dian could easily invade, but Liu Sang couldn’t take care of Boss Xie’s side. He only hoped that Master Black would constantly check to see if there were bad people around him and get rid of them. After all, it was better to kill the wrong one than to let it go.


The girls were carrying various-sized bags as they went to meet up in the country. Their plans were about to begin.


For Xie Yuchen, this whole thing was just a small issue.

Although Seven Fingers’ eyes were injured, there were no hospital records to be found. He even had his doctor friends make some inquiries—God only knew how he knew so many doctors—but the only one they found was the middle-aged man. His body, which was seriously injured, was found in a hospital in Hangzhou. Seven Fingers shouldn’t be able to continue working for the time being. The middle-aged man turned out to be a member of the Wang family, who was now scattered among the people.

Wushanju sent someone to investigate and report on the whole incident. The investigation found that the hei feizi in Hangzhou had originally come out of a handbag that had been sitting under that kid’s bus seat. A DNA comparison showed that there were four snakes, so Lucha led all the Tea Team dogs to catch and kill them. The bag had been brought into the city by the middle-aged man. Since he had worked so closely with Seven Fingers, he must have ulterior motives for the older man, but that wasn’t important right now.

There were often some mysterious people who entered his company, but he could instinctively sniff out the stench of Tu Dian’s disciples. These people worked very hard in order to get close to him, so Xie Yuchen would put them into positions that required daily overtime. Most of these people ended up leaving when they realized that they couldn’t see the boss no matter how hard they worked.

Everyone was the protagonist in their own story. As long as life continued on, it wouldn’t be easy for everyone.

Many people believed it was better to try and tell their life story a little more brilliantly.

Every time Xie Yuchen looked out of the window, it was pouring down rain. All those events were just faint WeChat notifications popping up on his phone.


Author’s Note: “What Are They Doing” is an endless series, and the idea of it is like a title page story.(1) As long as the main story continues, the setting and characters will continue simultaneously. When I’ll come back to it and which characters will be the focus is all up to God.

These are some very light-hearted stories. Compared with the five masters, everyone’s daily life is relatively comfortable. But the rare trials and hardships and occasional responsibilities won’t push them over the edge.

This series is an appetizer.

The main dish will come another day.

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TN Notes:

(1) Per Tiffany, there’s usually a relatively short story at the beginning of most Japanese comic books before the real main story begins. That sort of short story is the “title page” the author is referring to.

5 thoughts on “What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 43 This is Not the End

  1. That seems more like the author. He wrapped up one but left a bunch of others “to be continued”. Still not upset though. That was interesting reading. And if he’s saying he may come back to them what other stories may he complete some day? 😀


  2. I knew he wouldn’t wrap all stories!
    I still like this ending too! The 8 villains are fun even if I don’t recall who are the 8.
    As much as I enjoyed most of these stories I hope he fills some pits instead. Just saying
    And please give me my Wuxie Fatty and Poker Face. They were missed so much

    Thank you thank you for the translation


  3. So in the end, that Sister Zhang didn’t let Liu Sang meet Wang Guo. she probably consider him as a danger to his love and I thought we were going to have a new pair.
    Thank you for translating this interesting story. 💕


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