What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 42


Che Zhong had his own veterinary clinic, which was a legitimate animal hospital that treated more than just pets. But the vet who saw to the dogs really was the best in town.

Kan Jian’s cow and dog were sent there to recuperate. Che Zhong looked at Lucha and said to him, “Don’t eat too much. It’s not good for you.”

Lucha obviously had a love for the delicious dog biscuits at the clinic, so instead of being calm, he looked at the door restlessly.

“In order for them to recover faster, we give them a lot of delicious food,” Che Zhong said to Kan Jian. “But when we go back to the dog farm, they lose their appetite and won’t eat anything.”

“People are also picky when it comes to food,” Kan Jian said. “How can we expect dogs to be any different??”

Che Zhong patted him on the shoulder, “Stop by the hospital and get yourself checked out. I’m heading home.”

“Then I’ll visit them next time,” Kan Jian said.

Che Zhong nodded. “Bring some canned food. They don’t like guests who show up empty-handed.”

Kan Jian smiled, feeling especially happy.

The boss said that if Che Zhong accepted you, then it meant that you really were smart. It seemed that Che Zhong really did accept him.


Wang Meng went up to the ATM and inserted his card, wanting to check his account balance.

Sure enough, that large sum of money was gone, leaving only his pitiful savings behind.

Of course, it wasn’t as pitiful as it was back in the old days. After all, the shop’s business was still pretty good, especially his side business selling water.

But compared to the rich man he was before, now he was just an ordinary member of the Moonlight Clan.(1)

The old man is very powerful, Wang Meng thought to himself. It seems that he can directly access the bank’s system and reverse the transaction.

Wang Meng didn’t care; he no longer wanted to deal with this matter.

He pulled the card out, went back to the shop, and looked at his father sitting in a chair. He then sat down in front of the computer and turned it on, only to find that it was in the same state it had been in when he first left.

The username was still there, along with a flashing notification on the website indicating that there was a message waiting in the inbox.

It was a message from that username.

Wang Meng paused before clicking on it—the other party had sent him a .

There was nothing else there. He checked his personal email, but the boss hadn’t sent him anything new. Unless he was busy, the boss would usually send an email to check up on the shop’s business.

If there was no email, then the boss was probably in a very dangerous situation. After thinking it over for a moment, he felt that someone like Seven Fingers might come back and retaliate.

In that case, he needed to be prepared.

His thoughts suddenly turned to the boss. Although the boss constantly lived his life under a lot of pressure, he still laughed and faced the future with ease.

Wang Meng finally understood that the price of being a legend was that you couldn’t slack off, even for a day.

He opened his other email account, which was only used when something big happened in the shop and the boss authorized him to handle it completely. People who received emails from this account could regard the contents as having been arranged by the boss himself.

The account had an email group consisting of eight people—the Eight Villains of the Wu family.

He sent an email to this group, calling everyone to gather together so that they could hold a strategy meeting at Wushanju that evening.

After sending it, he glanced over at his father, who looked back at him and suddenly made a  gesture at him.

Wang Meng immediately broke out in a cold sweat and went to tug on his father’s face.

The skin was real.

“What are you doing?” Wang Meng asked his father.

“There was someone at the door just now who did that,” his father said.

Wang Meng looked towards the door—people were walking by outside, but he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.


Baishe got his fingers bandaged at the hospital. As it turned out, they really were broken.

When he reached the hospital door, a young nurse came up and asked if she could add him on WeChat. He shook his head and refused.

“I don’t want to fall in love right now.”


There was a new document on Xie Yuchen’s desk.

After he finished his phone call, he picked it up and asked, “Where did this come from?”

“Little Master Three faxed it over,” the secretary said.

Xie Yuchen opened it and saw that it was a document about Seven Fingers. “Seven Fingers only appears once every period,” he said to his secretary. “Wushanju should be safe now. He’s never appeared twice in a period.”

“Who the hell is this person?” The secretary asked. “I’ve read a lot of information about him. It seems that he’s lived longer than a typical human.”

“No one knows whether he’s an individual or an organization, but he has the same interests and hobbies. He likes to see how fate brings people together, and watch how they change. He also likes to gamble. He bets on human nature using the person’s own life.” As Xie Yuchen spoke, he suddenly remembered his own encounter with Seven Fingers. “Every generation meets him, but I’m afraid it’s not a wise choice to gamble with Wu Xie’s people when it comes to human nature.”

“Does Wang Meng belong to the next generation? He’s not all that young either. I thought he was in the same generation as us.”

“Well, I’m honestly not sure how he decides.” Xie Yuchen set the file down. “It’s an amazing feat to be able to injure Seven Fingers.”

“This is a new situation. Won’t he retaliate?”

“He won’t. If he did, he would’ve already been caught. It’s because he only appears once every period that he’s so difficult to catch.” As Xie Yuchen spoke, he looked out the window and added, “Don’t tell Wang Meng and the others. Let them be nervous and stressed until their hair falls out.”


Su Wan also climbed to the top of the rock, and then the three of them looked up at the sky.

“The black spots are gone. Is it still necessary to wait?”

“Has the equipment arrived yet?”

“It’s still on the ferry. They said that the express delivery can’t come this far, so it’s still on the ferry.”

“When will the ferry arrive?”

“At sunset,” Su Wan said.

The three men looked back at the sun and saw that it was indeed setting.

They stared at it for a long time, watching as the sun turned red against the backdrop of the Gobi, creating an extremely spectacular sight. 

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TN Notes:

(1) The Moonlight Clan is a large group of people who expend their entire salary before the end of each month. The term is derived from a lunar cycle (i.e., living paycheck to paycheck). Info here.


Honestly not sure why the author didn’t just say “thumbs-up gesture” instead of including the pics but whatev. 1 more chapter to go then it’s back to Rain Village. My friend is being flaky (I can say that here because she’s a tenacious one who never fell into the DMBJ pit despite my many efforts and so likely won’t see this lol) so I might be able to get it out tomorrow, might not. We shall see. If not, you all can expect it Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 42

  1. Well he seems to have wrapped Wang Meng’s story but the other ones?
    All I want to say is I wished my iron triangle to appear… Even if I really liked Wang Meng story (I liked Liu Sang’s until Tu Dian appeared) I lacked something: Wuxie, Fatty and Poker Face. Every time they were mentioned my heart jumped!

    Thank you for the chapter! I’m counting on your friend letting you finish this and start Rain village!!!


  2. “Don’t tell Wang Meng and the others. Let them be nervous and stressed until their hair falls out.” Is Xiao Hua jealous of Wu Xie’s people ?
    Maybe the meaning of the thumb up gesture is one finger not the seven fingers or the fat master is the number one.😄


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