Chapter 44

Zheng Jingyin woke up in the restaurant of a roadside gas station.

Xie Yuchen was eating French fries. He didn’t like to eat these things but it was almost dawn and he had used up too much energy that night.

His cell phone had rung just now, and he had glanced at it before making his order.

Black Glasses had come out of that house but it would take him about two hours to walk here.

Zheng Jingyin touched his head and looked around in confusion. “When did you and your boss’s daughter get married?” Xie Yuchen asked.

Zheng Jingyin didn’t answer right away. At this time, the sky was just starting to brighten, and he said slowly, “How did you know? It’s been four years.”

“The old lady doesn’t agree? Why hide the news?”

Zheng Jingyin scratched his head, “If it were you, would you agree? Where are we?”

“Yuri is dead,” Xie Yuchen said without preamble. “You may want to inform the old lady. Your wife gave up her inheritance rights sometime during those four years, correct?”

“Yes, she and her mother aren’t on good terms. But you said that the young master is dead? You failed?”

“I’ll give you a briefing on what happened, but it’s up to you to decide how to tell the old lady.” Xie Yuchen took a sip of Coke.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“It’s all explained in the briefing. I just finished typing it up on my phone and emailed it to you so you can read it when you get back. But don’t go back to that house again; go to a hotel in Tokyo instead.”

It was obvious that Zheng Jingyin still didn’t completely understand.

“If there’s anything unusual, remember to contact me,” Xie Yuchen said.

“Oh, I remember I saw something that I had lost a long time ago. My wife and I lost a jar a few years ago so I wanted to take it and show it to her, but then I slowly lost consciousness. I don’t remember anything after that.”

“Hmm, is that jar important to you?”

“It’s very important,” Zheng Jingyin said.

“So you still want to go back to that house and look for that thing?” Xie Yuchen asked.

“I saw it in that house but I don’t understand why it was there,” Zheng Jingyin said. “Shouldn’t I go look for it?”

“Don’t go back.” When Xie Yuchen said this, Zheng Jingyin looked at him and found that the other man’s eyes were very stern. In the end, he had no other choice but to nod his head in agreement.

Xie Yuchen looked out of the window as the sky gradually brightened.

Two hours later, when the sun was completely out, Zheng Jingyin asked Xie Yuchen if he wanted him to arrange a plane for them, but Xie Yuchen shook his head.

When Black Glasses finally appeared on the road, Xie Yuchen walked over to him. The two walked side by side, but there weren’t many cars out. They eventually found a break in the greenery on the side of the road and walked down, where there was a beach below and Lake Kawaguchi stretching out into the distance.

As Black Glasses explained everything that had happened, Xie Yuchen listened quietly without saying much.

The sunlight reflected off of the clear lake water almost seemed to sparkle.

“After my shift, I’m going to sleep and then eat crabs,” Black Glasses said.

“Then what? Are there any other issues related to this matter?”

“There was a Chinese man who was the catalyst for this whole thing, but he didn’t actually do anything evil in the end,” Black Glasses said.

“Qi Qiu’s message…does it mean what I think it means?”

“Let’s discuss it after eating some crabs. We shouldn’t waste such nice weather.” Black Glasses smiled and rolled his shoulders. “I’m so tired.”

The two then turned and walked back to the road. The weather was extremely nice, and for some reason, Xie Yuchen suddenly felt relaxed.

Maybe there was only one important thing left to do on his schedule now.

For him, this turned out to be a relief.

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I had a dream the author started updating “Queen of the West’s Ghost Banquet” and I started laughing so hard I woke myself up. I’ll try to get the next two chapters out in a few hours to make up for bailing so much this week (never did get to use my vacay hours in the end o(TヘTo). My impromptu day off came to bite me in the ass yesterday lol)

Pic added 1/10/2023 (not sure it goes with this chapter but whatev, it’s the closest one I could find that mentions them being by a lake)


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