Chapter 46

1 At Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Avdotya Yushka was praying to God. There was no one in the whole cathedral, a feat which only the old lady's family could manage at this time. Avdotya Yushka was obviously old. Behind her, Zheng Jingyin came in with a Chinese man. Avdotya Yushka stood up and looked at him. … Continue reading Chapter 46

Chapter 45

On the flight back to Beijing, both men were silent. The two were dressed casually but both were obviously a little tired. After a long time had passed, Xie Yuchen suddenly thought of something and asked Black Glasses, "What did you see in that old house?" "A copper box from a long time ago." "So … Continue reading Chapter 45

Chapter 41

In fact, there was actually a very special reason for this crazy idea—after several years of suffering, Beliak found that Yuri was gradually beginning to waver. After one round of communication, Yuri suddenly wrote on the three notes: Let's give up. And for a long time afterwards, Beliak refused to reply to him. For the … Continue reading Chapter 41