Chapter 22

Black Glasses dragged Zheng Jingyin back to the room full of orchid mantises. Strangely enough, the closer to that room they got, the more Zheng Jingyin started to tremble. It was almost like he was approaching something that he was extremely afraid of. When they finally reached the room, Zheng Jingyin curled up into a ball and kept trembling.

As soon as Black Glasses put him on the ground, Zheng Jingyin shrank back, unable to move at all.

“This is just like a mouse seeing a cat. What is he so afraid of?” Black Glasses asked as the both of them turned their attention to the ancient copper-horned coffin deep in the room.

Xie Yuchen pushed his way through the flying mantises, walked up to the coffin, and then jumped up to the beam to see the body.

Black Glasses was right, this was a place where sacrifices were offered to the gods.

“There’s something in the coffin. It’s a living thing,” Black Glasses warned him.

Xie Yuchen looked at the corpse. Its mouth was hanging open and numerous mantises kept crawling in and out of it without fear.

“The pockets?”

“I went through all of his clothes but the pockets were empty. The only thing I found was a key.”

Down below, Black Glasses held up the key. “It should be the key to his personal storage space. But there are so many rooms here, we’ll have a hard time finding it.”

Xie Yuchen looked at the corpse’s collarbone, where there was a tattoo. He carefully examined it and then looked at the fatal wound on the corpse’s neck. It had been made by an ice pick, which pierced directly into the throat and came out on the other side of the brain stem.

Based on the angle of penetration, there was a high probability that it was suicide. He had offered himself up as a sacrifice, but it seemed that he had offered up others as well. Xie Yuchen looked at all of the internal organs hanging from the beams and saw that they all had notes with Russian names on them.

Among the notes, there were a few letters that he was very familiar with—it was this family’s name.

And the tattoo on this body was Yuri’s own name.

He had sacrificed his whole family.

“Qi Qiu wasn’t telling us that the next victim was in the East, he was telling us that the murderer was in the East. The one harming the family was actually Young Yushka.” Xie Yuchen pushed the body off the beam, “Here, take it.”

As Black Glasses caught the corpse with one hand, countless orchid mantises burst into frenzied flight. Xie Yuchen jumped down among them, not bothering to push off the dozens that landed on his body.

Black Glasses put the body on the ground, and the two men looked at each other. “How do we explain it to the old lady?”

“Just tell her the truth.”

“Will she believe it? And what’s his motive for sacrificing his whole family? This is a Chinese coffin from the Ming Dynasty. What kind of evil cult is involved here?”

Xie Yuchen frowned. They really needed to find a motive for this whole thing. Moreover, if that was really the case, then the albino had obviously been lying to him.

Yuri had been dead for a long time, so why would that guy still be here supposedly protecting him? Looking at these porcelain statues, maybe he had been the one to set up this cult sacrificial altar.

But what exactly was he protecting?

When he looked at the coffin, Black Glasses suddenly asked, “Should we open it?”

“Generally, the kind of sacrifice that involves the whole family is used to summon the evil cult’s god. The evil god can descend in various ways so the process is a bit like gestation,” Xie Yuchen said. “The old lady is still alive so the family isn’t completely dead. This means that the sacrifice isn’t sufficient and the thing in the coffin hasn’t taken shape yet.”

“The person leading these sacrifices is already dead and this kind of altar can easily be destroyed as long as the police find it.” Black Glasses walked up to the edge of the coffin, “Let’s open it, take the thing out, and roast it.”

“That’s why the albino is needed to protect this altar.” Xie Yuchen looked outside the door. “Things aren’t that simple so don’t touch this coffin. I think strange things are about to happen in this house.”

“What strange things?”

“Tsk, they may be related to those three rules,” Xie Yuchen said.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 22

  1. If the young Yushka had been dead for a long time and there was this rule that one blood relative should stay in the house. Does this mean that Beriak, who has been there, was also a member of the family? And it’s not the whole family the daughter still alive.


      1. I wondered why the member of the original owner’s family should be at service of the new owner, that’s why I thought maybe the same goes for the new homeowner.(* ^ ^) Thank you.


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