Chapter 21

No sooner had Xie Yuchen gotten a good look at the opponent’s face than Zheng Jingyin had already crawled over. His movements were extremely creepy, as if he didn’t have any joints. He wasn’t using his forearms or hands to support himself but was instead using his upper arms while both hands fluttered around like ribbons.

He was definitely possessed.

Xie Yuchen looked at him coldly and then rolled to the side just as Zheng Jingyin was about to pounce on him. Using that same momentum, he put one hand on the roof tiles to prop himself up, rotated his whole body, drew his knees back, and then pushed against Zheng Jingyin’s ribs with all his might.

Those who had really fought with that kind of strength would know that Zheng Jingyin would be thrown off the roof.

Xie Yuchen used the reactive force to retract his knees, stabilized himself, and then exploded into action. As he rushed to the side of the roof, he tore off the button on his shirt collar.

Zheng Jingyin fell directly into the nearby courtyard but managed to turn over and land on his feet. The movements were as smooth as an animal’s.

Xie Yuchen immediately leaped down and flicked the button at Zheng Jingyin, who had turned around and was getting ready to pounce again. The button hit Zheng Jingyin right by the edge of his eyebrow, which caused him to close his eyes out of reflex. In that one-second pause, Xie Yuchen did a one-handed cartwheel over to him, bent the fingers of his left hand so that only his pointer and middle fingers were sticking out, and then jabbed them into Zheng Jingyin’s temple.

Zheng Jingyin’s head went flying back from the force of it and ended up hitting the Japanese-style courtyard lamp that had been placed off to the side.

The man immediately stopped moving and didn’t make a sound.

In Xie Yuchen’s opinion, if you tried to think carefully about the idea of people being possessed, you would find it laughable. After all, if you were possessed by something that was controlling your brain, then all you needed was three seconds to knock yourself out and shut your brain down.

People’s strengths and weaknesses were usually a result of psychology. In other words, they would essentially weigh the pros and cons before doing anything. But possessed people would no longer worry about their own safety and would attack anyways. Although it was actually very dangerous, their strength wouldn’t really change much compared to normal.

Your nerves, ligaments, and muscle reaction speed were all fixed things, so if your abilities initially weren’t good, then they still wouldn’t be good even if you were possessed.

He shook his hand out. It had been a long time since he had done the job himself so his joints hurt a little bit.

He didn’t intend to kill the other man; otherwise, he would’ve hit his spine instead. With that kind of punch, Zheng Jingyin would’ve definitely become a ghost.

He used his cell phone light to look at his fingers and found that the joints were dislocated. This kind of stress dislocation was very troublesome because the joints couldn’t be popped back into place directly. Otherwise, there would be complications in the future. Zheng Jingyin would definitely have a concussion and feel a lot of pain in his hands when he woke up. With his eyes rolled into the back of his head like this, now he just looked like a coma patient.

Xie Yuchen looked at the other side of the room but didn’t see any signs of movement. He dragged Zheng Jingyin out of the room, placed him in the middle of the corridor, and then carefully returned to the door, picked up his flashlight, and turned off his cell phone’s flashlight.

He hesitated at the door for a moment.

Zheng Jingyin was possessed. If Black Glasses was also possessed, then he wouldn’t be so easy to deal with.

If that guy’s instinctively repressed physical abilities were fully released, then there was a high probability that he would be on par with an adult silver-backed gorilla.

Not to mention whatever Zheng Jingyin had experienced and what had caused him to be possessed. In this kind of situation, if he became possessed as well, then they would all be in big trouble.

He thought for a moment and then slowly pushed the door open.

He really wanted to go in and find out, but he couldn’t. He had to be the most reliable one here.

Just as he was about to move forward, he turned his head and saw that Zheng Jingyin was sitting up again. But the other’s back was to him and he wasn’t moving at all.

It’s not over, is it?

Maybe Zheng Jingyin’s brain was quick to recover because he was a soldier who was more physically fit than most people.

Xie Yuchen thought for a moment, wondering what he should do this time. If he hit the original spot again, he might end up killing the other man so his best bet was to hit the trigeminal nerve.(1)

At this time, Zheng Jingyin suddenly flipped over and rushed towards Xie Yuchen, who narrowed his eyes in thought. He found that Zheng Jingyin wasn’t quite right this time, and a strong stench that was much stronger than before was coming from his direction.

Right as Zheng Jingyin reached the halfway point, a man with sunglasses burst through the wood-framed door of the next room, grabbed Zheng Jingyin’s hair, and slammed him to the ground.

Zheng Jingyin thrashed around like crazy as he tried to free himself from the grip on his hair, but the other party just grabbed him in a bear hug instead. The other party was obviously very strong so Zheng Jingyin couldn’t move at all. All he could do was keep waving his hands around, which looked very funny.

Black Glasses just gripped Zheng Jingyin tighter and smiled at Xie Yuchen, “Come with me quickly. I found something really strange.”

Zheng Jingyin shook his head and legs like crazy but it was completely useless.

Xie Yuchen looked at the door, which was broken to pieces now. Had there been some kind of painted relief on the door’s shoji paper just now?(2)

“What did you find?” Xie Yuchen asked.

“It seems that this Young Yushka was offering sacrifices and summoning an evil cult’s god. You’re good at this kind of stuff so I need you to come and look at something. I don’t know what it is.”

“How strange is it?”

“Go and see what he was offering up as a sacrifice, then you’ll know.”

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TN Notes:

(1) The trigeminal nerve is here (little further back than the temple to my non-medically inclined brain):

(2) Shoji paper is the white paper used to make the screens on Japanese sliding doors (the sliding doors are called shoji). It’s usually made from the bark of mulberry trees. The author was calling these doors “wooden doors” but since they’re in old Japanese buildings, I’m assuming the doors are all shoji. I find it hard to imagine Black Glasses busting his way through a solid wooden door, even if he’s apparently as strong as a silver-backed gorilla lol.


Good job Black Glasses! Way to save your man (even though he can totally protect himself)

4 thoughts on “Chapter 21

  1. I never knew when I started this series just how informational it would be. We’re over here learning all kinds of medical, historical, architectural, and zoological knowledge. Not to mention archeological! Your DMBJ translations seem like they could be a college course all on their own! 😍😘😊


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