Chapter 67 Snake Head

I was right behind them, the hand holding my gun trembling as they continued feeding like nobody else was around.

I wasn’t afraid but I was extremely hesitant. Should I shoot these two things directly in the intestines and destroy them? But if I didn’t manage to kill whatever was in the female corpse’s stomach, then the cage would be broken and the contents would come out. There was no telling what would happen after that.

If this female corpse was put here to catch this thing when she was still alive, did that mean that it had lived in her belly for three thousand years ever since it was caught?

Based on how snake head Jin Xingsan was feeding it, the thing in this female corpse probably had a high status in this snake group. I suddenly remembered that the cockscomb snakes and black-haired snakes in the Queen of the West’s country and Gutongjing had become a national-level disaster that wiped out everything. Even the inscription on the censer here had said that the dragon god had killed tens of thousands of people nearby, so it had to be very scary.

In fact, on a cliff environment like this, if the thing was as venomous as a cockscomb or black-haired snake, then I would die ten times over.

But if I didn’t shoot now when they were so engrossed with each other, would I get another chance to hit snake head Jin Xingsan?

My thoughts were racing as I looked at snake head Jin Xingsan and saw that he was almost done feeding. A bad idea suddenly popped into my head and I immediately aimed my gun at his thoracic vertebra and pulled the trigger.

—Bang, bang, bang!

Three shots went off with a deafening sound and all three bullets penetrated the body.

Not only did the bullets pack a big punch from this distance, but snake head Jin Xingsan was also caught off guard. He fell back, rolled down the bronze censer, and made a sharp papapapa sound, but still didn’t fall down. With a swipe of his claws, he managed to grab onto the bronze chain and save himself. At the same time, the white female corpse turned and looked at me directly.

The female corpse’s neck appeared to be broken and her head was lying on her shoulder with an indescribably evil smirk on her face. I crawled back a few steps as she tried to force her way over to me, her hands and waist twisting in an inhuman manner.

But as soon as she leaned out of the bronze censer, she was immediately stopped by the two pipa locks and began struggling to get out.

I was about half an arm’s length away from this female corpse’s head, so I was relieved to see that she couldn’t break free from the pipa locks. As I continued to hang upside down on the chain, I looked at snake head Jin Xingsan hanging on the chain opposite me. I must have killed the female snake, but the male snakes that controlled the limbs could still move. As a result, his hands were still clinging to the chain and he was about to swing towards me.

I immediately fired and hit his hands, causing him to fall into the abyss below.

I breathed a sigh of relief, pulled myself back on top of the chain again, and suddenly made direct eye contact with the female corpse. Her eyes were actually open, and I could see that they were murky. Not knowing what was going on, I immediately backed away but suddenly bumped into something.

Looking back, I saw that another bee corpse had crawled up behind me at some unknown point. I quickly raised my gun, but the bee corpse grabbed me by the neck and then pushed me into the bronze censer.

The female corpse was still in the same position, so I ended up being pushed under her body. She immediately turned her head and stared straight at my mouth.

I couldn’t seal my mouth shut since my neck was being strangled, but I had a feeling that something was going to happen. Sure enough, the female corpse opened her mouth and vomited a lot of small white snakes from her throat directly into my throat. In an instant, the little snakes made it into my esophagus.

They tasted like sour noodles.

During the struggle, I somehow managed to pull the trigger of my gun. I didn’t know where the bullet hit, but I managed to shake the bee corpse off. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to reach out and grasp any of the chains, so as soon as the bee man released me, I slid down the side of the censure and into the abyss below.

But I still had my safety rope, which had been wound around the bronze chain several times. I fell three or four meters before coming to an abrupt stop in the air, bouncing up and down like a yo-yo before slowly starting to stabilize.

Without hesitation, I immediately stuck my finger down my throat and forced myself to vomit. There actually wasn’t anything in my stomach, so I vomited a lot of yellow liquid, but I could obviously feel something writhing in the yellow liquid.

I vomited until I couldn’t vomit anymore and then looked up. The bee corpses in the crevices had started to move and were coming down onto the chains one right after another.

I’m in trouble now, I thought to myself.

At this time, I couldn’t even remember what I came up here to do. Oh yeah, I wanted to save the people below. But when I go down, how am I supposed to explain to them that I’ve created dozens of Jin Xingsan?

I calculated the height of this place, looked at how many bullets I had left, and then fired directly at the chains above, breaking three of them as quickly as possible.

My original intention was to break the chains directly and let the bronze censer fall from this height.

I don’t care if you’re a dragon god or a weird snake. If you fall from this height, you’ll definitely turn into a flat pancake.

But when the three chains broke, the bronze censer’s center of gravity was off and the censer tipped over. Black liquid spilled everywhere and then the female corpse fell out, those pipa locks the only things keeping her from plunging into the abyss below.

She and I were hanging at the same height, with only about thirty centimeters separating us. I grabbed my rope and climbed up desperately, trying to get away from her.

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*sobs* Why? Why must you do this to us NPSS? o(TヘTo) Excuse me while I go dry heave _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

12 thoughts on “Chapter 67 Snake Head

  1. Lol, I got French kissed by a python I was handling at a fair this year. I yawned and she stuck her head right in my mouth and flicked her tongue.


  2. Oddly enough, I still somehow feel that the black hei feizi were nastier. It’s still super gross, but I may be somewhat desensitized to it at this point. 😑


  3. Yikeees for what Wu Xie went thru. And just when I thought it’s leading to someplace we are back again with his struggles…thanks for the chapter Merebear


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