Chapter 66 Primitive Snake Monster

I looked around again and was a little surprised to find that Poker-Face and Xiao Hua weren’t here. When I was down below, I assumed that they had used some kind of trick to break away and go up to the top to solve the problem.

But as it turned out, they weren’t here. Where did they go?

I looked at the white female corpse in the censer. I didn’t know what to do, but I was certain that those bee corpses didn’t want me to see this thing.

I squinted at the female corpse’s stomach, the contents of which didn’t look all that small. Every time the thing inside her body moved, the female corpse would twist. This was an extremely cruel sorcery technique that used the human body as a kind of trap.

Since Jin Xingsan wouldn’t let me come up to see this thing, it meant that it was very important to them. Should I just blow it up? I asked myself while searching my body. But Fatty was the one with all the detonators and he had already finished them off, so I took out my short submachine gun and aimed it at the female corpse.

I believed that if she was alive in heaven, my actions would definitely be a form of relief for her.

But after staring at it for a while, I found that my hands were shaking and I was covered in a cold sweat. I put the gun down, not daring to do it. After all, when it came to fights, I wasn’t as daring as Fatty was.

Moreover, if destroying this thing could solve the problem, then why didn’t Xiao Hua come up and do it? This was a very simple solution to the problem but they weren’t here. Wasn’t this censer the root of the problem? If it wasn’t, then what was?

I looked at the hole above—Fatty couldn’t hold on much longer down there—and knew that I had to solve the problem. Was leaving this place the answer?

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva; the concept of leaving this place was really tempting. I carefully stood up and thrust my upper body into the hole above.

I immediately smelled a breath of fresh air coming from the surface. The air smelled of grass and dew. After listening carefully, I even heard the sound of the wind blowing through the bushes.

Looking out, I could vaguely see faint starlight in the darkness above the hole. As it turned out, I was actually very close to the surface.

At that moment, I went into a frenzied state and started clawing at the edge of the hole involuntarily, wanting to go up.

My need to get out of this place was too much. I was too depressed. I wanted to see the sky, white clouds, sunshine, and green grass. I wanted to see the endless sky.

I was in such a trance that I slipped, lost my footing on the edge of the censer, and fell into the abyss. Fortunately, I was quick to stretch my hand out and managed to catch a nearby bronze chain.

At this time, the censer and the bronze chains made a very loud rattling sound as they shook with my movements. I quickly hooked my legs on the chain again and tried to stay still so that my weight would make the sound die down as soon as possible.

As the sounds of the bronze chains gradually calmed down again, I found that I was now clear-headed and covered in a cold sweat.

But at this time, I noticed that the chains hadn’t completely stopped shaking and I could even feel the censer shaking slightly. That’s odd, I thought to myself. After thinking about it for a moment, I immediately realized that something was crawling along the bronze chain towards the censer.

I used my peripheral vision to look at the far end of the chain and saw a black shadow crawling towards me.

I knew at a glance that this thing definitely wasn’t a person but a bee corpse, because it had a very elongated head. I picked up my gun, wondering what to do, when I suddenly heard a familiar voice come out of the darkness, “Little Master Three, why are you here?”

Shit, it’s Jin Xingsan.

As I slowly retreated, I saw that the shadow was getting closer and closer. I used my peripheral vision to look over there and gradually saw its face. This Jin Xingsan wasn’t the one from below, but the one whose neck I had broken. His neck could no longer support the weight of his head, so his whole head was drooping down.

“Little Master Three?”

I crawled around to the other side of the censer in hopes of using it as a cover and then looked at Jin Xingsan out of the corner of my eye. His figure was still very vague, but I found that something wasn’t quite right with him. It seemed like there was a hole in his neck and something was sticking out of it.

As I strained to get a good look at it, I found that it was a white snake head about the size of a fist. This thing was very white and conspicuous, so I could see it clearly even using my peripheral vision.

I had witnessed a scene like this before; it really was a hei feizi. Hei feizi were a special kind of snake that parasitized the human body, dissolved the human spine, and then took its place. Five black snakes—usually one female and four males—would control a person’s spine and limbs. Both living and dead people could become parasitized and turn into sacks of skin controlled by these snakes.

Hei feizi could imitate people and even had a certain degree of intelligence, which could be used for training. There was a type of dog in our old Wu family which was specially used to deal with this kind of hei feizi. It appeared that this corpse’s spine had been replaced with a snake, and now that its neck was broken, the snake had stretched its head out.

Hei feizi had to lie dormant for a long time, and most wouldn’t mature until the host body had died of old age. Many supposed corpse transformations were actually a result of this process. The ancients didn’t understand that the corpses were moving because they were parasitized and instead thought that it was because of an influx of yang energy.

But this particular snake was very different from the hei feizi I had seen before. Hei feizi were completely black with highly venomous black hairs on their body, but this snake didn’t have any scales and was white all over. It looked very demonic, almost like a very old creature in a textbook. The most obvious thing that I saw, however, was that its eyes weren’t very noticeable. In other words, it didn’t have the obvious facial structure of a snake. At this very moment, the snake’s head was protruding more and more and becoming more distinct. It looked unspeakably strange.

I had seen many murals before that had a bunch of very primitive depictions that were similar to the human-faced birds. Now, seeing how this snake also seemed to be in a primitive state, I felt that the things here pointed to some primitive civilization. In fact, this primitive existence strongly pointed to the concept of symbiosis. This place seemed to be the origin of everything I had experienced before.

The snake head bee corpse was getting closer and closer, but the only way to take out a hei feizi was to break its spine so that its limbs couldn’t move properly. But it was very difficult to shoot it while using my peripheral vision.

I held my breath, practically squinting as I looked out of the corner of my eye. But just when I was about to shoot, a loud gurgling sound suddenly came from the bronze censer.

It almost sounded like someone had farted inside. Then, I saw the white female corpse sit up out of the water.

Her head was completely drooping down, but it could still move, and at this time, she turned her head and looked at me directly. I was still lying on the edge of the bronze censer, so she was almost half an arm’s length away from me. Then, she suddenly twisted her whole body and the darkness in front of me immediately began to fade and everything around me began to appear normally.

She immediately stood up, but the two pipa locks straightened, preventing her from climbing out of the bronze censer.

Snake head Jin Xingsan, who had already crawled halfway behind her, came to an abrupt stop. When I glanced at him head-on, I found that he looked exactly like a corpse now.

Then, a series of gegegege sounds came from the female corpse’s abdominal cavity. At this time, I discovered that there was something like a metal collar attached inside her throat that seemed to be a kind of mechanism. I saw snake head Jin Xingsan crawl over and climb up beside the female corpse. Then, the snake head began spitting a black liquid into the female corpse’s mouth.

If the snake head hadn’t been sticking out of Jin Xingsan’s broken neck, it would’ve looked like two corpses were kissing.

It was obviously a kind of feeding. The mechanism in the female corpse’s throat blocked the contents of her belly from getting out, so snake head Jin Xingsan had to spit out whatever it had digested and pour it down the gap in her throat in order to feed whatever was in her belly.

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  1. So, that snake actually just like… guard? Guarding a human jail and prevent the real monster out?
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