Chapter 81 The Last Stop

We rested on a big rock while the people behind us came up one right after another. I took out my binoculars and used a bright flashlight to illuminate the area in front of me. From this distance, I could see that this ancient building with flying eaves was very old. It was a mystery … Continue reading Chapter 81 The Last Stop

Chapter 80 Sacrifice

I glanced at Fatty, who spread his hands out and said, "I didn’t do anything." "Get your gun out," I said to him. Everyone started to pull their guns out of their backpacks. Some of them were trained and acted very quickly, but they obviously weren’t as skilled as me and Fatty. Once the bullets … Continue reading Chapter 80 Sacrifice

Chapter 75 Set Off Again

This crevice really was somewhat different from the others. I had studied geology, so I knew that these toothlike crystalline protrusions occurred when the stone contained borax. This kind of ore was sometimes very similar to human teeth, so it gave off the feeling that teeth were growing out of the rock. I pulled out … Continue reading Chapter 75 Set Off Again