Chapter 66 Slave Tube

As I stared at the giant corpse’s face, I found that the other two faces on the side of its head were all withered now, just like apples that had been left out for many days. It also looked like the giant corpse’s neck had been broken.

The corpse was completely dead now and I could see a trace of Fatty’s face peeking out from the funerary objects beneath its body—it was only at this time that I realized that there were a lot of copper coins here.

I knew Fatty all too well, so I knew that it was his face as soon as I saw it. He appeared to be hiding under the giant corpse for some reason.

I didn’t bother responding to him since I was feeling a mix of anger and relief when I saw that he wasn’t dead. Instead, I looked up at the hole in the coffin wall and found that the strange face formed by that black person was still there. At this time, it remained there completely motionless. It seemed that because the giant corpse was motionless, this black person was also remaining motionless.

But that motionless face was even more frightening.

“Don’t worry,” Fatty whispered to me. “They won’t come in. As long as there’s nothing wrong with this giant corpse, they won’t come in.”

“What’s the matter with you? What are you doing lying down there? What about Little Brother?” I asked him.

“Little Brother is under you,” Fatty said.(1)

I hummed and felt around for a moment. Sure enough, there seemed to be something under the copper coins beneath my body.

“Sorry,” I whispered to the copper coins under my body.

“Don’t worry about it,” Fatty responded. “He said that there’s a mechanism under this coffin. It goes down very deep and the funerary objects below are more than two meters thick. Just don’t fart. But why does your body smell like wine? You stink. What exactly did you eat just now?”

“Is it okay for us to talk like this?” I looked up at the dark face again, wondering if it was really ok to ignore it and just chat directly like this.

“It’s fine. You still haven’t figured out what happened?”

“Have you fucking figured it out?”

“Of course,” he said. “They forced you in here to feed this giant corpse; otherwise, do you really think you could make it in here alive? These black things are taking care of the corpses here, so that one will keep watching until you’ve been eaten. If the giant corpse doesn’t eat you, it won’t leave.”

“What kind of things do zombies even eat?” Weren’t zombies just corpses that never decomposed all the way?

“I’m afraid the corpse here isn’t a zombie,” Fatty said. “But I can’t elaborate right now. The situation here is beyond your expectations. Don’t worry about the black thing for now. As long as it doesn’t discover that Little Brother and I twisted the corpse I’m hiding under into a pretzel, it won’t come in. It already thinks I’ve been eaten, so you just lie down and wait to be eaten as well. When Little Brother is done with whatever he’s doing below, we’ll run away.”

Can we even run away at this point? I asked myself. All the crevices here were full of these things, and they moved very fast. But I trusted Poker-Face.

I looked up at the black face again and found that it was still the same. It didn’t even move after I pointed my flashlight at it several times. That sinister face was exactly the same as the giant corpse’s face and looked so terrifying that my heart immediately felt uncomfortable every time I saw it.

I lay down again and listened as Fatty continued, “Ok, calm down. Now look at the coffin lid up there.”

I pointed my flashlight at it and saw lacquer paintings on the coffin lid that had been done in a very complicated pattern. I took one look and realized what Fatty meant by telling me to calm down. There was a reason for his strange behavior just now.

This wasn’t a joke; he knew that my mood would be very complicated.

There was a black male slave on the lacquer paintings. He was surrounded by scholars who were using a tool to remove all of his bones. Once that was done, they smashed his skull to pieces.

But the man didn’t die.

Instead, he became a mollusk-like thing. I didn’t know what kind of technique they used to keep him from dying, but with the exception of his spine, all of the bones used to support the shape of his body were basically broken. Some were taken out while some were still left in his body.

Once the whole process was done, they put the slave into a bamboo tube until even his whole face was distorted.

It was obvious from the paintings that the slave was in extreme pain.

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TN Notes:

(1) (¬‿¬ ) *cue perverted old man smirk*


Sorry, this is it for tonight. I thought I could get the next chapter out but I spent like an hour researching the chapter title and now I’m over it. Til next time~


8 thoughts on “Chapter 66 Slave Tube

  1. So cruel, but Wu Xie, if you run away how about Xiao Hua and the others?
    Thank you for the chapter Bear-san!


  2. This story is creeping the hell out of me, but I think I have fully internalised that sense of security Wu Xie gets from Xiaoge! I’m like “ok ok we’re back with Xiaoge, everything is going to be ok” 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, me too! Relief washed over me, I was like “it’s okay, we’ll be fine, now. That black thing doesn’t stand a chance against Xiaoge”


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