Chapter 65 Peel the Skin off the Bone

At this time, I wasn’t scared.

Granted, if it was the old me, I’d definitely get down on all fours and start crawling forward like crazy. I was the kind of person who was either in an extremely safe environment or fighting for my life, so this kind of situation used to be unbearable for me. This was especially the case when I was in close proximity to such a horrible thing while also remaining in a stalemate with it.

I would’ve definitely gone crazy before, but I wasn’t going crazy now. If anything, I just felt uncomfortable.

The environment here was so quiet that if you listened very carefully, you could hear all of the grinding sounds from the wood on the outer coffin’s frame rubbing together. It was very similar to the sound of someone grinding their teeth.

I analyzed everything in a rational manner as I continued crawling forward. At this point, I had almost reached a dead end. For some reason, those “people” didn’t attack me, but I knew that I had absolutely no chance of surviving as long as a single one of them changed their mind.

Every time I took a step, I could hear the swelling sound of the wood in the gap that the black thing had entered just now. I didn’t dare take a look with my flashlight, but I knew that it had to be following me.

After crawling more than a dozen steps, a hole suddenly appeared in front of me. This had to be the inner coffin wall since I was currently in the outer coffin. The outer coffin was thickly wrapped around the inner coffin, so seeing the coffin wall meant that I was seeing the core position of the outer coffin. There was a hole in the coffin wall, through which I could see the space inside the coffin.

There wasn’t any accumulated water, so I could immediately see everything. The coffin wasn’t very large, but there were many reflective objects inside, which seemed to be funerary objects. They were probably gold and precious stones.

I calmed down and took a look around. If these black people were placed here to protect the outer coffin, then me entering the coffin would essentially signal them to attack. I couldn’t take the risk.

I hesitated for about two or three seconds before I suddenly saw Poker-Face’s mark by the hole in the coffin wall. It was very simple: go straight in.

There was another mark beside it, but I couldn’t understand it. It was painted in a pattern similar to the gatehouse of an ancient building.

I wondered why there was another mark beside the one Poker-Face had left for me. Could someone else have followed him in?

Did Poker-Face secretly arrange a helper to follow us the whole way?

I looked back again to see if someone was following me. At this time, I couldn’t help thinking that Poker-Face was still leaving marks behind because he might not trust me and Fatty. I wasn’t even mad about it as I thought to myself, you’re absolutely right not to trust us! Come on, it’s time for the helper to show up so that we can face this together!

When I turned my head to look back, I saw that the black face had appeared at my heels. It was lying there looking at me and mimicking my current expression. At this point, its face was already very similar to mine.

My mind buzzed, even more blank than the first time.

The only times I had encountered this kind of continuous shock were in my nightmares. Sometimes I’d see monsters whenever I looked back in my dreams, but sometimes I wouldn’t see them at all. The fear was like chewing gum stuck to the soles of my feet.

That black face still didn’t attack me, nor did it come face to face with me this time. It just continued to look at me. But no matter what expression it had on its face, I was convinced that it was filled with sinister intentions. I kept feeling like it was plotting something.

I faced forward again and then crawled into the coffin without an ounce of hesitation.

There was a thick layer of cobwebs in the coffin, which was probably carbonized cotton. There were generally a lot of quilt or silk layers in coffins, and the Mongolians would spread out horse skins as well. I could see a lot of funerary objects inside this coffin, among which were many precious stones. They were reflecting various colors, but I didn’t have the time to look at them carefully.

I glanced back and saw that the black face had followed me to the mouth of the hole in the coffin wall. But instead of coming in, it just looked at me coldly. The expression on its face began to change so drastically that it almost looked like it was melting, and it became so malevolent that it didn’t look like my face anymore.

This face also slowly started to grow longer, which had me wondering what was going on. Maybe it was no longer satisfied with imitation and started to process itself? But this process was way too ugly.

I looked at this particularly long and sinister face and said to myself, it doesn’t make any sense. But then I suddenly realized that it wasn’t mimicking me.

I immediately turned my head and saw a huge corpse lying among the funerary objects beside me. It was the exact same one that had attacked us earlier. The white hair that had been covering its face was gone, revealing a strangely long and sinister-looking corpse face.

The corpse’s whole face was purple, and there was a bronze mirror sitting on top of its head. The black person was able to see the corpse’s face because of the mirror, so it had started imitating it.

This corpse’s eyes were so murky that it almost looked like the pupils and whites had melted together. But those eyes were still visible and they had turned to me.

It’s looking at me!

I lay down silently and used my peripheral vision to look at the corpse on the side. At this time, it suddenly turned its head and asked, “Why do you smell like wine?”

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 65 Peel the Skin off the Bone

  1. 😱😱😱
    Tell me it’s Fatty, please, tell me it’s any of his friends, laying low to avoid the black goo long-necked people….
    I swear I won’t survive this story, my heart is beating far too much 😰


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