Chapter 214 Hahaha

I was a little confused about the Wang family’s motives, but it was definitely a deal that appealed to me. I nodded and asked softly, “What do you want to do?”

“This Boss Jiao’s so-called ‘listening to thunder’ is definitely problematic,” the Wang family’s leader said to me. “But I believe that it’s a real thing; otherwise, Wu Sanxing wouldn’t have been so persistent back then. I believe that listening to thunder was related to your Wu family’s plan for our Wang family. It’s possible that Wu Sanxing knew a lot of information because he listened to thunder.”

I was stunned for a moment as I realized that he was saying that he felt that the Wu family had destroyed the Wang family all because Uncle Three had heard some clues when he listened to thunder back then. The Wang family couldn’t understand why they had been destroyed and thought that God had plotted against them.

What do you want to do? Kill the God of Thunder for revenge?

“But we’ve followed Boss Jiao for a long time. We didn’t think that listening to thunder would be so simple and reckless. But I find that his mindset when it comes to listening to thunder is very strange. He believes that the secrets in the thunder are just to make people like him succeed in life, which I think is ridiculous.” The Wang family’s leader looked at me, “You must know the real secrets in the thunder, don’t you? I don’t think it will end well for Boss Jiao after he listens to the thunder, but I hope that you’ll show us the real secrets in the thunder.”

I tilted my head back, revealing an expression that meant “I see”.

In the Wang family members’ minds, I was an unpredictable existence. They just couldn’t understand how I was able to breach their secure system before. To tell you the truth, how I did what I did at that time is also very vague, even when I recalled it now. I only remember that I had a strong obsession and focus at that time. This kind of tremendous power born from the heart could only be exerted for one thing. It made me realize that this was what made human hearts so terrible and great.

At this time, I absolutely couldn’t tell him, “I’m sorry, Uncle. I actually don’t know the secrets in the thunder at all.” All I could do was try my best to control my facial expression, revealing a cold smirk like that of a black boxer about to fight in the ring. This unscrupulous smile seemed to say: Buddy, you should know what’s good for you.

“Why don’t you switch sides now and I’ll take you down?” I said to him.

“We’re employed now,” the Wang family’s leader said. “But we can’t stop employers from doing stupid things.”

I looked at the darkness below while the Wang family’s leader looked up above and said to me, “All you have to do now is wait.”

I looked at Xiao Hua, but he didn’t look up at all. “Is he ok?” I asked the leader. “If you give me a dead man, it doesn’t mean anything to me. You have to put him down first.”

The Wang leader shook his head. “We’re still on opposite sides right now. You can only wait.”

Oh, that right there is the reason for your Wang family’s demise. You’re all a group of idiots. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Zhang family or the Wang family, you’re all idiots. What the hell have I done in my life to provoke these powerhouses? Just as I was cursing in my heart, a rumbling suddenly came from above. Everyone immediately looked up, only to see that the reeds began to shake violently and another sound rushed down. As it passed by us quickly and rushed to the bottom of the tower, I suddenly heard something behind me.

I turned to look and saw that at some point, the mummy behind me unexpectedly leaned towards my neck, its mouth almost at the back of my head.

I turned to glare at the Wang family’s leader, who looked at me wryly. He must have seen the body leaning towards me, but used what he said just now to distract me.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I made a bet that you’ll die before we ever lay hands on you. If I kill you myself, then I lose.” The Wang family’s leader laughed, “Are you really Wu Xie? You trust people so easily. What will you do now? The blood on your body has begun to attract the Daolu Generals here. Take a closer look.”

I looked around. Sure enough, all of the Daolu Generals around me were leaning towards me, their faces pointed in my direction.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 214 Hahaha

  1. “To tell you the truth, how I did what I did at that time is also very vague, even when I recalled it now. I only remember that I had a strong obsession and focus at that time. This kind of tremendous power born from the heart could only be exerted for one thing”… in other words… this is the way author found to explain what happened in sand sea 😅


    1. 😅 right..
      This could also become a befitting explanation we could used when our descendance ask us about our love for daomubiji many years latter

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