Chapter 213 Thunder

This was the first time I had seen the shape of sound. Usually, when they wanted to show the sound waves in movies, they would make the air fluctuations into water instead. This was because particles were needed to show air movement. But here, I could see all the reeds moving with the sound. The resonance was transmitted like falling dominoes, creating the illusion that the sound had shape.

Well, I know that words can’t truly describe this feeling.

As the sound wave passed through all of us, I felt a shock in my brain. Then, it passed by us and rushed to the bottom of the tower.

Everyone paused, and the Wang family looked up. I knew it must be thundering outside.

I saw Boss Jiao’s face become a very ugly color, “No! Why is it early?! This must be a fucking mistake!” He released Xiao Hua and looked at the Wang family’s leader who was confronting me, “Go! Send me down quickly or I’ll be too late!”

The Wang family leader looked at me and then motioned with his hands. The rest of the Wangs continued to descend quickly, taking Boss Jiao and his party down one by one. “There are still three people hiding,” he said to them coldly. “Don’t make mistakes just because you’re in a hurry.”

A second clap of thunder didn’t come down, which meant that the one we had heard just now seemed to be an accident or some other sound. But Boss Jiao seemed abnormally panicked. It was obvious that he had calculated the exact time that it would thunder and came here to listen to it.

Strange as it was, it seemed to be the only explanation at this time.

When the others in Boss Jiao’s team passed by us, they looked very nervous and kept glancing at the top of the tower. Just like that time I saw them in the valley, I suddenly saw a turning point. If it kept thundering, then many of Boss Jiao’s cronies would enter a nightmare state and be at their weakest. If there was a way to kill these Wang family members in front of us, then we might be able to turn the tables when Boss Jiao was disconnected from reality.

The Wang family’s leader didn’t go down and continued to confront me. “Aren’t you in a hurry?” I asked him.

“What do you think the outcome of this matter will be?” He looked at me.

“Usually, only a few good results will come out of this kind of thing,” I said. Whether you would get good results from doing something wrong all depended on fate. Some people were born with this fate, like my Uncle Three. But I didn’t know if Boss Jiao was one of these people.

“Boss Jiao has successfully heard thunder before,” the Wang family’s leader said. “He claims that his success was entirely due to thunder, but the final part was interrupted by your Uncle Three. As a result, he didn’t finish listening to the information hidden in the thunder. He must listen to thunder, but it has to be the same thunder as the one he heard before. That thunder will sound here today, in fifteen minutes. He must finish listening to it.”

“Do you really believe in something like that?” I asked him.

He approached me, “I believe that there’s a god who created and is controlling the world from the dark. We’re just not aware of it.”

This was the Wang’s family’s persistent worldview. After he finished speaking, he got even closer to me, “But I don’t think God will choose him, so I’ve decided to stay here with you. That way, I can guarantee my own safety.” He looked into the darkness and added, “Zhang Qiling is nearby. If I’m by your side, I may see him. I want to see this person.”

“And then what?” My hands were getting a little tired and I thought to myself, what do you want? To trap me here and keep me from acting?

The Wang family’s leader looked back at Xiao Hua, “I don’t hate you. When the thunder sounds and these people become fools, I’ll let him go. Then, we can make a deal.” He pointed to my chest, “I’m being very sincere here. We took all the gunpowder out of the bullets, so you don’t have to doubt us. My deal is quite fair.”

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Ummm, so I googled this to see if it’s legit because I got curious. I got mixed results after looking at some hunting forums. Some said the bullets got stuck in the gun’s barrel when they took the gunpowder out; some said the bullets did fire, but didn’t have as much impact (like what happened in these chapters). I know the Wangs are supposed to be badass experts, but they really shouldn’t rely on such a finicky method. What if their guns blow up in their faces? Anyways, this is fiction so we’ll just roll with it I guess.

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