“Restart: Sound of the Providence” OST Lyrics

Yvette Note: Not sure whether this song got approved by the author and then become the book’s official theme song, or it was intended to be the official song from the very beginning. But it's essentially the most praised song in the fandom for “Restart” and everyone knows how to sing it. I’m naming it … Continue reading “Restart: Sound of the Providence” OST Lyrics

Chapter 225 Postscript

I was lying on the couch in Rain Village as it rained outside, a basin at my feet. Fatty was off to the side, enjoying his own footbath. Poker-Face was leaning against the window ledge, looking outside. Black Glasses was cooking in the kitchen. Xiao Hua's injury hadn’t healed yet, so he was checking the … Continue reading Chapter 225 Postscript

Chapter 219 Countdown to the Finale

I knew that I was in an illusion, because this feeling was very similar to when I had ingested snake pheromones before. Everything seemed so real in these illusions because it was real information that was instilled into my brain through the snake pheromones or thunder. It seemed like I could interact with the surrounding … Continue reading Chapter 219 Countdown to the Finale