Chapter 58 Strange Corpse

Chen Pi Ah Si was quite familiar with the ways of the world, so although he was feeling puzzled, he knew that the other man wouldn’t offend him for no reason. After thinking about it, he calmed the impulsiveness in his heart, waved his hand, and relaxed his stance. Anyone who knew martial arts knew that this was a representative action of giving up summoning your strength, so Ah Bai Xiang immediately relaxed his stance to show his willingness to reconcile.

At this time, the two men silently battled through the small details. Chen Pi Ah Si voluntarily backed down in the end, because he was the boss and couldn’t kill people every time he got angry, especially when he hadn’t received an answer yet.

He didn’t ask any more questions—the people who worked under him had strange temperaments, so he was used to this kind of thing—but at this time, he found that Ah Bai Xiang was pale and obviously extremely nervous.

It wasn’t because he had almost gotten into a fight with Chen Pi Ah Si just now. After all, Ah Bai Xiang was someone who could work with Chen Pi Ah Si for so long, which showed that he wasn’t afraid of death at all. The reason he had turned pale was because of the things he was hiding in his heart. What was he hiding? What did he see just before Chen Pi Ah Si showed up? The doubts in Chen Pi Ah Si’s heart had reach their peak.

The two men looked at each other again, and then Chen Pi Ah Si went to check on Ah Xi. When he arrived, the doctor shook his head. “What’s wrong?” Chen Pi Ah Si asked him.

“He’s scared senseless,” the doctor said, face full of doubt. He didn’t believe that people in this team could be scared senseless like this.

“Ah Xi can be scared senseless?”

“There are several different ways for people to be scared to this degree, but without exception, they’ll all trap themselves in the moment when they were scared. It’s very difficult for them to escape. If you see someone who is scared senseless, you’ll notice that they’re easily frightened and even keep repeating what they said when they were scared. But Ah Xi’s situation is very strange. He seems to be frozen in a state of shock, and has remained that way.”

“What’s the reason?”

“This shows that when Ah Xi was scared, his physical reaction was to remain motionless. He may have been hiding. Something was close to him—very close to him—but he remained in that deadlocked state for so long that he had a mental breakdown,” the doctor said. “As a result, he’s remained in this state.”

“Can it be cured?”

“I don’t know. I’m going to collect some herbs now. I have to try first before I give any definitive answers.”

Chen Pi Ah Si nodded, looked at Ah Xi, and wondered what could scare this person senseless like this. Anything he could think of wasn’t enough to scare this person.

He turned to look at the ancient corpse Ah Xi had brought back.

It was split into two pieces. The fact that Ah Xi was carrying this ancient corpse on his back seemed to indicate that he was right at that time and there was indeed a large-scale ancient tomb nearby. The reason why the flash flood didn’t cause a disaster on the mountain was because this ancient tomb’s drainage system was at work.

The existence of this ancient corpse showed that Ah Xi not only confirmed his theory, but also went in and got the evidence to bring back to Chen Pi Ah Si as proof.

The ancient corpse was a bog body,(1) indicating that the tomb’s environment wasn’t sealed, and there was stagnant water in it all year round. A specialist was studying the body, and when he saw Chen Pi Ah Si passing by, he said, “Master Si, this thing is a little evil.”

“Speak human words,” Chen Pi Ah Si said.

“Look at this corpse’s appearance,” the man said. Chen Pi Ah Si went over to look at the corpse’s face and found that although it had decomposed to the point that it looked like crumbling rotten leather, the expression and scars on its face could still be seen very clearly.

This corpse looked very similar to Ah Xi, and it had a terrified expression on its face, as if the person was scared senseless before they died.

Chen Pi Ah Si looked back at Ah Xi, who was leaning against the tree in a daze, and then at the ancient corpse, falling deep into thought.

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TN Notes:

(1) Per Seph: a preservation phenomenon that happens to bodies in swamps and bogs such that the highly acidic environment of those waters causes the body to be extremely well preserved. Bog bodies often retain their skin and internal organs but not the bones. The skin will kind of look like tanned leather. Info here.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 58 Strange Corpse

  1. It remind me of Fatty’s reaction when Ah Bai Xiang didn’t want to talk about what he saw. Maybe he, like Wu Xie, can see things that others can’t.
    Thank you for the information and chapters.


      1. Merebear is right. I remembered the time when three of them were in that long dark tunnel and then Wu Xie said that Fatty had seen more than he had told but kept it from him.


  2. Thank you for the chapter
    I wonder how this story is linked to Wuxie’s current story. It’s a pretty interesting one anyway


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