What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 8


Li Cu drove at the back of the motorcade, probably the third from the end of the line.

Yang Hao was in the passenger seat with his feet on the dash, chewing gum and looking out at the sand dunes passing by.

They were still in the Gobi. If they kept going a bit further, they would reach pure sand. The team had an oil truck with them, which meant that they intended to deflate the tires on their vehicles and go directly into the desert.

Su Wan was in the back seat, calling his teacher to ask for leave.

“Yes, it’s my adopted mother’s adopted son. He was hit by a cement truck and has a cerebral edema. He just woke up but my adopted mother is in Spain so I have to take care of him. If you don’t believe me, just listen to what he has to say.”

Su Wan handed the phone to Li Cu, who pretended that his tongue was swollen as he said, “I need him to take care of me.”

Su Wan pulled the phone back, “So, I can’t come back to do the experiment. I’ll bring you a pack of cigarettes next week to make up for it.”

Su Wan hung up the phone and asked Yang Hao, “Bro, do you have any gum left?”

Yang Hao spat out what was in his mouth and handed it to him.

Su Wan sighed, “You’re not so young anymore. Can’t you be more mature?”

Yang Hao stuck the chewing gum on the outside of the car door and said, “Let’s be serious. When are you going to visit that shrine in Fujian?”


Wang Meng sat in the chair, scrolling through his cell phone.

Kan Jian crouched on the pillar, holding a slingshot and looking at Wang Meng below.

Eight hours had passed.

No one came to pick up the goods.

Kan Jian felt a little sleepy so he jumped down, walked up behind Wang Meng, and patted him on the shoulder.

“Brother Meng, let’s eat first. I’m hungry.”

But as soon as he patted the other man, he found that the texture under his hand felt wrong. He immediately grabbed Wang Meng and turned him around, only to find that Wang Meng had become a scarecrow.

The workmanship was really good. You couldn’t even tell from the back that the real one had been replaced.


Kan Jian immediately rushed to the computer and opened his account to take a look.

One hundred thousand yuan had already been deposited.

Kan Jian’s face turned deathly pale and he smacked himself in the face while thinking, what just happened?!


Wang Meng woke up and found that it was dark all around him.

He was sitting on a chair and there was a small coffee table in front of him.

The table was very old and looked like it was made from cheap European wood.

There was also a strange lamp sitting on it.

The whole space around him was very large but covered in darkness. The desk lamp was the only source of light, illuminating everything that was just described.

Wang Meng stood up and looked around. It almost seemed like there was an endless void all around him but when he looked at the ground, he found that it was concrete covered in waterproof paint that had almost worn off.

This should be an old warehouse.

A line of words had been written on the lampshade.

“Go left.”

He took a closer look before approaching the desk lamp and lifting it up. But when he pulled it, he found that there seemed to be a cord under the lamp that was connected to some kind of machine.

In the darkness far to the left, another desk lamp suddenly lit up and the lamp in his hand went out.

Wang Meng turned his head and found a bicycle and an old-fashioned Xiali(1) where the other desk lamp was now lit.

It was far but the intention was clear.

He felt cold all over.

He realized what this was.

The bike…the Xiali…this was the scene he had witnessed when his mother was in a car accident when he was a child. At that time, he had been ten meters behind his mother, unable to do anything but watch as she got knocked down by the Xiali.

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TN Notes:

(1) Xiali is the 2nd best selling small car in China 

5 thoughts on “What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 8

  1. I don’t know what’s going on with Li Cu, Yang Hago and Suwan storm.. as always. And so far I couldn’t care less. Give me more Liu Sang.

    And poor Wang Meng! He needs his boss so badly. Let’s see if Kan Jian can show his supposed smartness.

    Thank you 😘

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  2. whatever is going on with LYS it can’t be good if they’re lying to Black Glasses about it *laughed out loud* and also, poor Kan Jian!


  3. Our smol cinnamon roll has a spicy side! Look at him trying to deceive his master. Bet it didn’t work though. 😄


  4. Pretty sure the teacher Su Wan called was his actual school teacher and not Black Glasses… No way would Shades get fooled by that idiocy.


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