What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 7


Did Wang Guo’s heart feel very uncomfortable recently? He found it a little odd that the other party was telling him something like that.

The other party continued, “My name is Liu Sang. You don’t have to thank me.”

After he said that, he moved to walk out of the alley but Wang Guo immediately stopped him.

“This is a possible crime scene and I’m investigating the case. You’re an outsider so why are you here? And how could you tell that this alley is related to the recent case?”

“As a policeman, if you have any real doubts, you can just have me assist in the investigation,” Liu Sang said to him.

Wang Guo looked at the other man and found that he wasn’t afraid. Ordinary people were usually afraid when they saw the police but this person didn’t seem to be ordinary at all.

“If you don’t have any doubts, then I’m going to get some dinner,” Liu Sang said. “You can’t find anything here. Don’t waste your energy.”

Wang Guo didn’t let him go.

Liu Sang looked at him.

“Either let me assist in the investigation or let me go.”

Wang Guo looked at this long-haired city boy and smiled. “No, there’s actually another option. I’ll treat you to dinner.”(1)


Shaxian delicacies.(2)

Liu Sang looked at the duck legs and four bowls of fried noodles in front of him.

“I don’t eat these things,” Liu Sang said. “If you invite someone to dinner, shouldn’t you at least find a restaurant where you can order stir-fried vegetables?”

“What’s wrong with Shaxian?” Wang Guo handed him a bowl of fried noodles and a pair of chopsticks.

Liu Sang grabbed the bowl and looked at it, “If you eat three bowls of this stuff, it’s not surprising that your heart has problems.”

Wang Guo ignored him and asked directly, “Are you the murderer?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Well, I didn’t think you were,” Wang Guo said. “So are you a reporter then?”

“I’m your father.”

“Are all city people so bad-tempered?” Wang Guo lit a cigarette. The three bowls of fried noodles had already been eaten. “You must have a story. How about we exchange some information?”

“Why do you think I have a story?”

“Because you looked like you really wanted to assist me in the investigation just now.” Wang Guo looked at Liu Sang, “Don’t look down on me just because I’m in this small county. I graduated from one of the top four Public Security Universities. It took me a long time to find that alley but once I entered, I saw that you were already squatting there. Doesn’t this mean you have a better source of information than I do?”

Liu Sang did originally want to assist in the investigation but it wasn’t necessary now. As long as he could find the local police station, all he needed to do was squat in the corner and listen in on all their conversations.

Of course, it wasn’t as clear as it would be if he were listening from inside.

Liu Sang looked at him and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re here for the murder case, right? The deceased was probably robbed in that alley. Before her death, she always thought that there was a strange sound coming from that alley, but it’s not a sound that normal people can hear.”

“The frequency at which human ears can hear is about twenty to twenty thousand hertz,” Liu Sang said. “If the sound exceeds eighteen thousand hertz, in many cases, in addition to talent, special training is needed.” After saying that, Liu Sang added, “Your phone is going to ring.”

Wang Guo was still wondering what he was talking about when his cell phone suddenly rang.

Wang Guo gave Liu Sang an incredulous look and then picked it up.

He listened for a while and then looked at Liu Sang, who said to him, “I’m going too. If you take me there, I’ll share all the information I know with you.”

Wang Guo continued to look at him and then looked down at his phone.

“I can hear everything, including the sound you make in your throat right before you’re about to speak. People have a habit. Right before they speak, they take a breath and the air that flows down their throat simulates what they’re going to say. Most people do this at least once before they speak.(3) If you’re skilled at listening, you can tell what they’re going to say before they even open their mouths. This is an unconscious action. You can’t change it,” Liu Sang said. “The same is true for cell phones. Before it rings, the circuits inside have already started to operate. If you master the mysteries of sound, most things in this world are open to you.”

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TN Notes:

(1) Me over here preparing to hoist the sails on a new ship after like 2 sentences hahahahaha

(2) Refers to a style of cuisine from Shaxian District, Sanming, Fujian, China. It has both Fujian characteristics and northern Central Plains characteristics. Main dishes can include: Signature Peanut Sauce Noodle, Salted Duck Gizzard, and Fried Pork Dumplings. Here’s a menu I found.

(3) Er… this sounds so far-fetched I wasn’t even sure how to translate it lol. I did my best, sorry!


3 thoughts on “What Are They Doing 2022 Chapter 7

  1. I love this so far, lol! Largely because it’s such a surprise to see a side story focused on these three characters. Though I wonder if they are at all related to the movies I know Liu Sang and Wang Meng are in but can’t find to watch… but also cause the story so far is intriguing! I hope he keeps writing!


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