Chapter 41

In fact, there was actually a very special reason for this crazy idea—after several years of suffering, Beliak found that Yuri was gradually beginning to waver.

After one round of communication, Yuri suddenly wrote on the three notes: Let’s give up.

And for a long time afterwards, Beliak refused to reply to him.

For the first time, Beliak started to panic. First of all, all of his expenses had come from Yuri’s family, so now that they were trying to get rid of him, Yuri began to have problems.

And Beliak couldn’t persuade Yuri either, because as long as he showed a hint of pleading on the notes, Yuri would discover that Beliak was the one behind all three notes and he wouldn’t be able to see the words written on the notes ever again.

So, Beliak couldn’t do anything but wait for Yuri’s hopes to rekindle. It was an excruciatingly painful process.

The greatest pain in life was powerlessness.

Of course, Yuri eventually restarted the plan to heal himself, and during the process, in order to keep him as far away from the influence of his family as possible, Beliak tried to get him to go to Japan where he would live a solitary life.

Of course, Beliak chose Japan because he found this strange house here.

Beliak told Black Glasses that many ancient gods recorded in the “Hundred Thousand Dragons Sutra”—in other words, what they believed to be ancient viruses—actually seemed to have been eliminated by some power.

Over the past thousand years, there had been some power going around eliminating these things.

Although Beliak eventually found this house through his occult friends and determined that there must be an ancient god hidden there that could enable people to find their lost property, he was also becoming more and more aware that recovering a lost object essentially boiled down to making yourself imagine that the thing still existed around you.

If the Bon religion’s ritual of sacrifice to the ancient gods could make someone disappear from your mind, then it could make someone else appear in your mind as well.

They began to do a lot of experiments using others as test subjects, but there was a problem—everyone thought that the ancient god Xingchou could make Beliak reappear in Yuri’s brain, but in fact, it couldn’t. What appeared in Yuri’s brain was another Beliak, not the real Beliak.

This was the result of the “bug”, but fortunately, the subjects of the experiment were those orphans.

After this incident, Beliak became desperate.

The relationship between him and Yuri was very special and difficult to describe.

Yuri’s simple faltering at that time had already caused Beliak’s feelings towards him to become a little strange.

First of all, it was easy for Yuri to lose control but it was also very easy to control him. This extreme contradiction existed within Yuri at the same time. While he would never give up his attachment to Beliak, he would do extremely crazy, unscrupulous acts on his own whenever Beliak wasn’t involved.

The way Yuri looked at Beliak back then…it was impossible to tell who was devouring whom.

At the same time, Yuri represented money and status, which made Beliak grovel whenever he was dealing with the younger man’s family. Yuri’s strong mother in particular made people feel extremely uncomfortable.

But he knew that without Yuri, he was just some albino huckster.

So when Yuri wavered for the first—although he didn’t waver again—Beliak began to think that it was possible for Yuri to leave him.

And once something was possible, it was very likely to happen.

Beliak believed that Yuri was leaving him.

His final plan was to kill Yuri and then retrieve him using the ancient gods so that there was only one Yuri in the world.

This Yuri would only exist in his world and would never betray him because this Yuri could only exist through him.

Of course, this was a crazy idea but Beliak was a coward. Unlike Yuri, who would actually carry out crazy ideas, Beliak just kept thinking about it and planning it in his mind but never had the courage to do it.

Until one day, at an occult gathering, he met a Chinese man. After listening to Beliak’s story, the man said to him, “Let me help you. Not only can I ensure that your idea comes true, but I can also help you turn that Yuri into a real person.”

Beliak didn’t believe it at the time, but the Chinese man said, “It’s actually very easy but you have to repay me.”

“What do you want?” Beliak asked.

“That house, you have to give it to me,” the other party said.

Black Glasses sat up straight. Beliak had finally started talking about what he wanted to know.

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