Chapter 29

The Black Glasses that Xie Yuchen knew was someone who, when you looked at him, you wouldn’t be able to tell what he was thinking. It seemed that he had turned all of his skills and experience into muscle memory and instincts over a long period of time, so whenever he did anything, he didn’t need to think at all.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to think, it was just that he had already thought about these things countless times in his early years, so whenever he encountered them now, his body was moving before he knew it.

That was why he seemed to be completely living in the moment, wholeheartedly enjoying cold beer, funny jokes, and lazing on the sofa. Not only did his conditioned reflexes make him the most prepared man in the world, but his body’s conditioned responses to complicated events allowed him to live in the moment.

When Black Glasses was in a daze, it meant that he had encountered a problem he had never seen in his long life.

This kind of thing was very rare. Even if it was a life-or-death situation, he had already encountered numerous situations like that before and had a quick solution he could choose from. He appeared to be making a choice just now, but what was he choosing?

Black Glasses glanced at him and then tapped his left index finger twice on the outer frame of his sunglasses where it met the lens. This was to tell Xie Yuchen not to think too much and to trust his actions.

Xie Yuchen frowned. This didn’t work for him because every time Black Glasses did this, his behavior was just as dangerous as he expected.

But he didn’t ask questions because he knew that it was useless.

He stared at Black Glasses with a warning in his eyes: I’m watching you!

Black Glasses smiled and said to Murata, “He has one last question and then we’ll leave.”

When Murata gave him a questioning look, Xie Yuchen glanced at his cell phone and asked, “Why did you save us?”

Murata immediately broke out in a cold sweat and thought to himself, sure enough, I can’t escape.

“Seeing you in such a situation, how could I not save you?” He immediately replied.

“But you didn’t save those orphans back then,” Xie Yuchen said as he went to look at the other paintings. They were just as strange and indescribable as the first two they saw.

“Ah, I also regret it, but I’m such a timid and useless person. All I was thinking at the time was that the room was too dangerous and I had to get you out of there. I didn’t think much about it at that moment but now I’m kind of regretting it. You’d better get out of here quickly. You still have a chance to leave now, but you should stay low to the ground and not soak in that smell for too long.”

This was the truth; it was what Murata wanted to say himself.

“Also, don’t worry about the Chinese man who brought you here. He’s a lost cause now that he’s broken the rules. He must have just broken them and didn’t leave in time. If he can’t utilize the loophole in the rules later, he’ll continue to stay in that state.” After saying this, he added, “You can no longer interfere.”

“There’s nothing we can do?”

“I don’t know. Only Yuri and the albino escaped the rules.”

Xie Yuchen didn’t ask any more questions. He and Black Glasses exchanged a look and then climbed out of the basement.

Lying prone on the ground again, the two remained silent as they waited for the other to speak.

“The night isn’t over yet,” Black Glasses said. “The Dark Goddess hasn’t been summoned yet, which means that Yuri’s ceremony hasn’t been fully completed. I’m going back to Yuri’s room. You go save Zheng Jingyin.”

“Has it crossed your mind that we’re part of the ceremony?”

“We’re not,” Black Glasses said. “You should pay attention to Zheng Jingyin’s attitude. He’s too confident for an assistant. I believe he slept with the old lady’s daughter.”(1)

Xie Yuchen was silent for a while. To be honest, when Black Glasses said that the two of them weren’t part of the ceremony, he was already thinking the same thing.

But his mind was a little confused. It was probably because Black Glasses was acting really abnormal, which was beginning to affect his own judgment.

“Zheng Jingyin is the last man. If this is an ancient Chinese god, it may consider the daughter’s secret lover as being a member of the family, even if the relationship hasn’t been exposed,” Xie Yuchen said. “If Zheng Jingyin dies, the ceremony will be complete.”

“When the ceremony didn’t succeed, the accomplice discovered that Yuri wasn’t the last male. But he wasn’t Chinese so he couldn’t figure out what was going on. As a result, he was probably very confused,” Black Glasses said. “But now we’ve accidentally brought the last sacrifice right to him.”

The two men looked at each other.

Black Glasses smiled and started crawling in the direction of the mantis room, “Meet you at the door.”

“Wait a minute,” Xie Yuchen stopped him.

As Black Glasses turned and looked back, Xie Yuchen seemed to figure something out.

He didn’t end up saying anything in the end, so Black Glasses tapped on his sunglasses again and then crawled into the darkness. It seemed this message had some other meaning.

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TN Notes:

(1) The raw said granddaughter but I saw no mention of that in the previous text so I’m going with daughter. According to chapter 6, the old lady only has 1 daughter left now that her 4 sons have died.

One thought on “Chapter 29

  1. It seems that my suspicion at the beginning if the story of Zheng Jingyin and the daughter as accomplices in the crime was not completely wrong, just as if they were not guilty of the crime.😅


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