Chapter 62 Tired

This was the time when people were the most tired.

When Jin Xingsan climbed over, Fatty and I took a few steps back, thinking about whether we should just go ahead and fight him.

But at that moment, a wave of dizziness hit me, my eyes blurred, and my hands could barely support my body. I was just about to fall but Fatty quickly held me up.

Jin Xingsan arrived in front of me in an instant, face full of concern, “Little Master Three, come and drink some water.”

My vision went dark and I completely lost consciousness for the next few minutes. When I woke up again, I found that I had returned to my original position and was leaning against Fatty. I glanced at him and he whispered to me, “Endure it. I couldn’t feel your pulse just now.”

I looked at the other side using my peripheral vision and saw that Jin Xingsan was still sitting in his original position, looking at me like an owl. Out of the corner of my eye, I found that this one’s expression looked even more bizarre—its face was even more slender than the other one’s, which made it look very sinister.

“What the hell is that thing? I didn’t have time to ask just now,” Fatty asked. “Is it a bee man?”

I nodded, “Don’t ask.” Fatty nodded and also tried to use his peripheral vision to take a look, but it seemed like he couldn’t see anything.

That mouthful of blood just now made me feel like my chest cavity was empty. I couldn’t move anymore, so I rubbed my chest for about ten minutes before I finally felt it warm up a bit. Just now, it felt as if I had a lot of ice shards lodged in my chest.

I propped myself up and looked behind Jin Xingsan, only to find that the Shigou Diao guy’s spot behind him was now empty.

As I looked for him carefully, I felt my heart thump. This is bad, I said to myself. I looked at Jin Xingsan again and saw that he had a playful expression on his face. That was when I realized that he seemed to know what I was looking for.

Brother, if you’re dead, I will avenge you, I silently vowed to myself. I didn’t want to look at Jin Xingsan any longer, so I closed my eyes, relaxed, and started to think.

Wu Xie, Wu Xie, Wu Xie. Do you think you can handle what Xiao Hua couldn’t? What are your strengths? What are Xiao Hua’s weaknesses? Where is the breach?

I spent about ten minutes trying to find any flaws, but none jumped out at me. I did, however, repeatedly think of a strange incident that didn’t seem to fit with anything else.

“Fatty, let me ask you a question,” I said as I opened my eyes. “What did you see on that first night you kept watch?”

Fatty’s face immediately changed and he whispered to me, “Why are you asking about this? I can’t remember clearly.”

“We saw that fake Little Brother twice, right?” I asked him. “Help me sort out my thoughts. First of all, it seems like this thing and that thing can’t be killed. If we kill one, another one will immediately show up. I don’t know how long Xiao Hua has been trapped here, but he must have tried countless times and ended up with the same results every single time. Throughout this whole incident, this thing has stayed here, as if its purpose is to keep us from getting close to the top.”

When Fatty nodded, I continued, “But we saw that fake Little Brother twice. What do you think its purpose is?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you think that this fake Little Brother’s appearance doesn’t fit in with everything else that’s going on?”

Fatty looked at me, so I continued with another question, “Did you see Yun Cai when you were keeping watch that first day?”

“Does this question have anything to do with what you’re thinking about?” Fatty shot back.

“No matter how much I think about it, this strange incident keeps popping up and interfering with my thoughts,” I said to him. “If you saw Yun Cai that first day you were keeping watch and I saw Little Brother here—both of whom are people we’re familiar with and have the same nature—does that mean this matter has nothing to do with the bee men? Is it another strange thing that’s happening here?”

Fatty looked at me with a very complicated expression on his face, opened his mouth like he was about to speak, and then hesitated.

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Wu Xie: Gee whiz, I wonder why I’m coughing up blood and fainting? I must be really tired.

Me: It’s because your lungs are SHIT YOU IDIOT! STOP SMOKING! AHHHHHH!!! (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

(also love the Fatty/Yun Cai and Wu Xie/Poker-Face parallel. The author is feeding our addiction lol)

7 thoughts on “Chapter 62 Tired

  1. Wu Xie, haow about you become half Immortal like Xiao Ge ah? I vote for it, rather than dying in this stupid cave a few meters away from the exit!!
    Thank you for the chapter Bear-san and team~

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  2. Not Wu Xie outing himself again by hinting he is as much in love with Xiaoge as Pangzi was with Yuncai.
    Guy really keeps going with those comparisons of his and Xiaoge’s relationship being like Pangzi and Yuncai, or like his uncle and Wenjin. 🤣


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