Chapter 57 Jin Xingsan

As I stared blankly at the darkness in front of me, Jin Xingsan was still waiting beside me. I didn’t need to look at his face to know that he was still looking at me.

There were a lot of puzzling bits of information in my mind, but at this time, the links began to appear.

Jin Xingsan had handed me the walkie-talkie and asked me to call Xiao Hua. If he was acting in good faith, then his behavior seemed to indicate that the walkie-talkie could communicate both ways.

But why did the walkie-talkie seem to be malfunctioning when Urmei called Jin Xingsan and only Urmei’s voice could be heard?

To explain it in detail, the story probably went something like this: when Urmei called, her radio was only transmitting signals instead of receiving them, so she couldn’t hear how they answered. But this malfunction didn’t happen to the radios that Jin Xingsan’s team had.

If Jin Xingsan hadn’t been by my side and paying attention to me the whole time, I probably would have thought about the problem in this way. But he kept staring at me so intently, which I felt was a bit abnormal.

If I were to speculate on him from a malicious viewpoint, then the smoothest logic I could come up with was that he deliberately didn’t reply when Urmei called. I knew many people in the team had radios on them, so Jin Xingsan definitely wouldn’t be the only one who could respond to Urmei. That meant that even if Jin Xingsan didn’t respond, other people should have been able to.

But why didn’t anyone respond, and why didn’t Xiao Hua force Jin Xingsan to respond?

At this time, I had a strong feeling: Jin Xingsan’s prestige in this team seemed to be very high. If the whole team didn’t respond to Urmei, then there had to be a powerful person who shut everyone up.

If it weren’t for the strange feeling that Jin Xingsan gave me, I definitely would’ve thought that he was Xiao Hua, and I would have wondered why Xiao Hua didn’t give orders to respond to Urmei.

But now, I generally felt that this person wasn’t Xiao Hua.

Up to now, no one else had taken the initiative to talk to me and almost everyone was behind Jin Xingsan. He was the representative of the whole team who was communicating with me, but I didn’t know exactly where this guy came from.

When we first appeared, Xiao Hua showed a sense of alienation from the team while Jin Xingsan showed a strong bond with and control over the team.

I suddenly felt that Jin Xingsan was the most powerful person in this team.

In other words, ever since I joined up with Xiao Hua, the whole team’s situation was different from what I had originally thought. Xiao Hua may have been in a very unfavorable situation, so did that mean that his power had been usurped?

This was one possibility. Another possibility was that Jin Xingsan knew that the radio couldn’t call Xiao Hua, but he gave it to me anyways so that I could hear this looped transmission. But this option didn’t make much sense, because he could just tell me to listen directly. There was no need for him to pretend to let me call Xiao Hua.

The real situation was still unclear right now, but Jin Xingsan had remained by my side and was watching me the whole time, which was starting to make me feel extremely uncomfortable. When I had been chatting with Xiao Hua up there before, he didn’t tell me this information, so did that mean that Jin Xingsan had a way to listen to our conversation?

Or, was I putting too much thought into it?

“Little Master Three?”

Just as I was thinking about my next course of action, Jin Xingsan started talking to me again, “What should we do next?”

I looked at him. If I really was right about this team’s situation, then why would he be so polite to me?

I put myself in his shoes and realized that it was because of Poker-Face.

Although there were more than a dozen of them, the combination of me, Xiao Hua, Fatty, and Poker-Face—especially Poker-Face’s presence—had actually broken the balance. This guy had attacked us directly when we approached, but the bullets didn’t kill us and we were still able to approach them.

I didn’t know what Jin Xingsan was using to control the team, but after the three of us appeared, it was obviously difficult for him to directly order his men to fight with us since we were very famous in the business.

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  1. Oho, i like where this story’ progressing. I hope there isnt any Wang family spy among them. This situation already chaotic enough…
    Thank you for the chapter Bear-san and team!


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