Chapter 41 Keep Going Up

I spent some time reading several other people’s notebooks, which contained some photos and professional data records. There were geologists and folklore researchers among the team members, so there was a lot of data and theories about the world’s second most valuable tomb and the strange black rocks here. But since they were too technical, I won’t repeat them here.

I could see the bee man in the photos, all of which had been taken when the team was on the cliff. And sure enough, this man couldn’t be seen in any of the photos taken before they had started climbing.

In the photo, this person looked a little dark, was very unremarkable, had some Mongolian traits, and wasn’t very tall. But he looked as if he had an unspeakable cunningness about him.

Under such circumstances, I had to fully believe the Mongolian woman’s words in the notebook. We didn’t know what had happened after her notes suddenly stopped, but I did know that all of them were hanged here.

After Fatty woke up, I asked him and Poker-Face to study this notebook carefully while I slept for a while. After waking up, I found that the spot of light in the sky had completely disappeared and it was now night outside.

Fatty came up with a plan and asked me, “Should we set up a mechanism? For example, we give ourselves a note with the following guidelines written on it: if we meet any strangers while climbing, we’ll shoot them directly, regardless of whether we’re familiar with them or not. In this way, if the other party really is a bee man, it’s useless to confuse us because we’ll just kill it when we see the note.”

“What should we do if there are people in Xiao Hua’s team on the cliff?” I countered. “We’ll end up killing good people by mistake.”

“Isn’t there a photo? Can the photo help us?”

I shook my head. My instincts were telling me that the bee man in the photo should have a different face every time it appeared.

If its face was the same, then it would be easy to use Fatty’s method. All we’d have to do is carry a picture of it on our bodies with the following words written on the margins: Kill if you see it.

Since the three of us had such a tacit understanding, we’d be likely to kill it as soon as we encountered it, but if it had a different face, then that meant that there were many other possibilities.

“Then what can we do to determine whether he’s Xiao Hua’s man or the bee man?” Fatty asked.

“The notebook says that the bee man makes people feel that it was originally among them,” I said. “So, is it more likely to become a fourth person who’s been following us instead of becoming a member of Xiao Hua’s team?”

Fatty thought about it for a while and then looked at Poker-Face, “Little Brother, what do you think?”

Poker-Face just sniffed the notebook and handed it to Fatty, who also sniffed it and looked at me, “Did you smoke?”

I sighed and raised my hands in surrender. Fortunately, Fatty didn’t pursue the matter any further and just heaved a big sigh.

In the end, Fatty wrote on our faces: It’s just the three of us. If a fourth person appears, it’s a monster who’s mixed in among us. Kill the bastard.

We looked absolutely ridiculous since there were so many words, but once that was done, the three of us kept climbing. Fatty still didn’t think it was any good since it looked like a joke, so he wiped the word bastard off and wrote on his neck: This is not a joke.

After thinking about it, I secretly set an alarm on my phone for two hours later and even wrote a special reminder on the alarm.

As we continued to climb up, nobody spoke the whole way. The area above us was dark and it was impossible to judge the distance, so I just kept climbing while periodically looking up and down to see if any strange people had appeared.

After about an hour, our strength was exhausted again so we stopped to rest. I counted the number of people and found that it was still just the three of us. I couldn’t help but wonder if nothing strange had happened because there were too few of us.

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It’s that wonderful time of year again…FOOTBALL TIME BABY!!! Needless to say, Saturday updates may or may not happen depending on game time/how sober I am hahaha. Also had a good chuckle at Poker-Face ratting Wu Xie out like that. Til next time lovelies~~


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