Chapter 30 Feathered Ghost Doll

It was so scary that I couldn’t help but shiver. I rubbed my face and then tried to recall the situation at that time.

My memory was too vague since I was so young, but I did remember feeling wronged at the time. I definitely remembered that the doll was moving, but my family insisted that I was wrong. But at that age, I forgot all about it after taking a nap.

Don’t tell me…was that doll what happened to Qi Yu in Xisha? Did he also take the pill but suffer some side effects?

Did he become a small monster that was dressed like a doll and living in Uncle Three’s room?

The more I thought about it, the more terrible things started to come to mind. I remembered that there had been a bulging sackcloth outside my study that was very strange. It appeared for a while and then disappeared for a while, but when it was there, it had been just outside the window, facing my desk.

At that time, I always felt that this sackcloth was very strange. When I was doing my homework at the desk that was placed against the window, this sackcloth would be right outside the window. There were even times when I would smell a strange scent.

I also remembered that because there were lights in the corridor outside, I could see the sackcloth’s shadow on my window when I went to sleep at night. I always felt that there was something inside that bulging sackcloth.

Maybe my intuition was correct and Qi Yu was in that sackcloth?

I couldn’t remember whether I was in middle school, high school, or just elementary school at the time, but what was he doing outside my window?

Fatty looked at my pale face and asked me what was wrong, so I told him my thoughts.

“You should probably draw a picture of it,” Fatty said. “You remember it now, but you probably won’t when you fall asleep. These kinds of memories are very fragile.”

I took out my notebook and began to doodle on it. My memory was extremely abstract, so when I drew the picture, I found that I had drawn a strange thing.

The doll had been terrifying, but once I drew it, I realized that I had also drawn a morin khuur behind him.

I couldn’t figure out what had happened. Was I confusing what I saw earlier with what I saw in the past? Or, when I saw the doll in the past, was there actually a morin khuur behind it?

I immediately closed my notebook and looked at where the young man was. The light was still there.

Fatty was baffled by my behavior, “What’s wrong with you?”

I shook my head and took a deep breath right as Poker-Face looked back at me. “I think I’m going crazy,” I said to them.

I couldn’t think about it anymore, so I stood up, took out my binoculars, and looked at the young man over there.

I adjusted the focus to the max, but all I could see was the vague outline of a person. Fatty became more and more confused, but I just carefully looked at the young man to see if there was anything about him that looked like that doll.

As I looked, however, I suddenly found that the young man sitting there seemed a bit strange. It was like his body had actually shriveled up.

Only a dead man would sit like that.

Dead? Did my shot just now actually hit an artery in his brain?

I wiped my eyes and kept looking. Indeed, this seemed to be the case.

At this time, I suddenly heard Fatty shout, “Tang Tang, what’s that thing on you?!”

I immediately turned my head and saw a very small figure slip off of Jin Wantang’s body.

Blood was pouring out of Jin Wantang’s neck, but when I went up and pressed on it to stop the flow, I knew right away that the artery had been cut.

As the shadow instantly entered the gap in the stone behind us, a strange feeling flooded my body. “Little Brother! The statue!” I shouted to Poker-Face.

I thought it was going to steal the statue, but that was impossible. If the statue could be stolen, this checkpoint would’ve been destroyed long ago. Sure enough, the little black shadow sounded like it was crawling in the opposite direction. Poker-Face didn’t move and just listened to the direction it was moving in the gap.

It was a very small shadow—just like a doll—so the sounds it made were also very quiet.

Fatty came over to help me press down on Jin Wantang’s artery, but the blood couldn’t be stopped.

I looked at the gap in the nearby stone, then at the youth in the distance, and then at the black sky above. I entered a kind of possessed state as a series of thoughts suddenly flashed through my head.

Strange posture?

Was it possible that Xia Wen was just an empty shell and someone was hiding in that empty shell? If so, that would explain why his movements and posture were so strange.

Was that young man also an empty shell? He was sitting there like he was.

But what was that little black shadow?

“I’ve been thinking in leaps and bounds,” I said to the black stone above, “and I suddenly recalled a memory from a long time ago. I’ve had a sudden flash of inspiration. Do you have something to do with this?”

You can’t do anything about the heavenly gift, so you’re giving me a hint? You’re in my head, giving me inspiration? What do you want me to know?

“Qi Yu!” I shouted at the stone crack. “Come out!”

At this time, a deformed face faintly poked its head out of the gap in the stone in front of me. It looked just like a strange doll and it was giving me a vicious glare.

I took a deep breath. That was definitely the thing I saw when I was a child.

This couldn’t be a coincidence; there was no way I would remember such a thing by accident. This was something the force here reminded me of.

But why?

“Tang Tang’s dying!” Fatty shouted.

I glanced at Poker-Face, who had already come up beside Jin Wantang and was also pressing down on the artery.

The little doll disappeared from the shadows. It wanted to kill Jin Wantang, and it would stop at nothing to do it.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 30 Feathered Ghost Doll

  1. My head is MELTING with all this! 🤯 I need the book equivalent of that scene towards the end of Reboot s1, where Wu Xie finally gets out of Warehouse 11 and goes to see Pangzi and spends like 10 minutes doing an exposition monologue to catch the viewers up on what’s been happening. (Although if I remember it right, at the end of it Pangzi is like “sorry, I didn’t really follow any of that 😬” which was so reassuring, as I didn’t either). Is this the end for Jin Wantang?!


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