Chapter 22 Past Events

Fatty continued looking over towards the young man, whose lamp remained on this time. It seemed he had sat down over there.

We all remained silent, and even the whole gap was very quiet.

I sat down opposite Jin Wantang, looked at him, and asked how he was doing.

After a long time, he barely nodded his head. He seemed to have recovered a little bit, but he was obviously confused when he looked down at himself.

“You may have to wear this brace for the next several months,” I said to him.

“What’s your plan, Little Master Three? I’ll cooperate,” he said faintly.

“I have to at least save Master Hua and Black Glasses,” I responded. “Then we’ll head back together.”

This was a particularly fierce battle, so I immediately saw Jin Wantang’s face turn pale. But after a long time, he seemed to accept the reality of the situation and nodded.

“How did you get down here?” I asked him.

He shook his head weakly and said he didn’t know, “The last time I was conscious, I was still on the grassland, getting ready to go to bed. I was holding that Shigong’s mole to study it and then I woke up here.”

I sighed, looked at the stone beside me, and suddenly wondered if those Shigong’s moles were like the black stone here. When ordinary rocks were first eroded by the dragon vein, were the small black spots that formed actually Shigong’s moles?

Was this the reason why we were heavenly gifted? After all, only Zhang family members were bestowed the heavenly gift before.

We brought it with us the whole way, so we’d definitely have to ditch it later.

I thought that there seemed to be four people in our group as we journeyed through this passage, but I didn’t know if the fourth person was Jin Wantang or not. If he was, then he shouldn’t have any memory right now.

“You just said that you have a secret to tell me if you didn’t die.” I looked at him, “Can you tell me now?”

Jin Wantang smiled and said, “Little Master Three, I just said that because I wanted you to save me. There is no secret.”

I looked into Jin Wantang’s eyes and knew that this old guy was trying to retract his words right now. But what he said before had to be true, so all I said was, “You know, the probability of you living isn’t that high. If you have something to tell me, you’d better say it now.”

Jin Wantang looked at me, thought for a while, and finally said, “Do you still remember that no matter how you asked your Uncle Three for answers, he’d never tell you the truth and would always lie to you in various ways? Have you ever wondered why he refused to tell you the truth even though he was so good to you?”

“It was because the only way I could stir up the waters was to enter the plan completely unaware,” I said. “The Wang family had to think that I was innocent.”

Jin Wantang looked at me, “Little Master Three, the truth doesn’t stop there. But it doesn’t matter anymore since it’s over. It has nothing to do with you and Little Brother. You’ve won. There’s only one thing I can tell you now.”

I looked at Jin Wantang and saw him pat his chest and make a special gesture.

This gesture was very similar to the one that youth had made before, so I was a little puzzled. Jin Wantang continued to look at me, “There should be several times throughout your past experiences that you did something when you passed out that you still can’t explain.”

I looked at Jin Wantang. I didn’t know why, but I suddenly felt as if I could see a huge emotion in his eyes. If it was before, I would have definitely beat him, but now I couldn’t do anything since he was gasping for breath as he talked.

Jin Wantang was right. I dreamed of Qi Yu and wrote some strange numbers underground, but I never really understood why I dreamed of such things.

“I know why,” Jin Wantang said.

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Me: Shedding a single tear as I check the raws on WeChat and realize that the author is still updating this story. As of this chapter, we are 55 chapters behind. Will we get there eventually? Only time will tell… _(:3 」∠)_

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