Chapter 5 Ebb Tide

This man had integrated with the darkness here. He obviously wasn’t a Mongolian herder who had strayed here by mistake, nor was he a member of an expedition team that Jin Wantang had found. The reason I say this is because neither of these two people could smile in a place like this.

That was the kind of smile that only people who had everything under control would display.

Could this man be the one behind Jin Wantang? Was he the one who set up this scheme to lure us here?

But this person was quite young. Now, I wasn’t the kind of person who judged someone’s intelligence based on their age—I was quite smart when I was younger, after all—but young people often didn’t have such big obsessions where they wanted to destroy so many things at once.

I heard Fatty keep calling out to me, so I looked down at the tide of corpses below. They had started to recede, and it wasn’t long before the corpses had completely retreated into the darkness.

Did that person leave and drive the corpses away at the same time? Was there any connection between them?

Fatty and Poker-Face made it back down to the ground first, at which point I saw Poker-Face light a temporary stove that could be used for lighting. Then, he climbed back up again and carried me down.

The whole process was very difficult since you needed to be very familiar with the distribution of cracks. Plus, my hand was completely swollen and I couldn’t help at all, so I had to completely rely on him.

When we finally made it back to the ground, I found that the gravel below the black spot was covered in body parts from where Fatty had shot the corpses earlier. We cleared away a small area and then I lay down on a huge rock. My whole body was weak and I was extremely tired as I dazedly stared at the black spot above.

I could see that there was actually a crack in the center of the black spot. It was very wide—probably big enough to fly an airplane through—but it was hard to see clearly because it was also black.

At this time, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my hand—Poker-Face was resetting my wrist. My back arched and then I curled in on myself for a long time as I tried to suppress the pain. Fatty had already snagged Xiao Hua’s satellite phone from the coffin and brought it over.

When I sat up, Fatty looked at Poker-Face and asked, “Who the hell was that man, Little Brother? Mr. Naïve doesn’t know him, but he looked so awesome. Is he a Zhang family member?”

Poker-Face shook his head and then looked up at the crack in the black spot. When I told them my doubts, Fatty handed me Xiao Hua’s satellite phone and said, “I saw those three gestures. I can repeat them for you.”

When Fatty did those three movements, I couldn’t help but think that they really were religious gestures since they were so similar to some religious gestures I had seen before.

“Do these movements mean: I love you?” Fatty asked me.

I shook my head. This was obviously a blessing since there weren’t any curses in religious gestures. Or it was a spell. But that man had looked at me and made this gesture, so what did it mean?

I was so tired that I couldn’t think. I looked at Xiao Hua’s satellite phone and then glanced at the sky. This was most definitely a cave, so the signal couldn’t get out. But how was the satellite signal reaching the grassland? This phone clearly had a top grade battery since it was repeatedly sending messages out after such a long time had passed.

I turned off the phone’s automatic broadcasting function and then pressed the receive button. This phone was very expensive and comfortable to hold in my hand, so I couldn’t help but look around for a moment and want to keep it for ourselves.

But as soon as I clicked “accept”, I heard someone talking.

Fatty almost sat up in shock. We both exchanged a look before I pressed the receive button again and tuned the frequency. I heard someone’s voice coming from the satellite phone, “People in the mountains pay attention. Those black rock veins can transmit signals without having to pass through satellites. Just use wireless frequencies.”

I knew as soon as I heard it that it was Black Glasses’ voice. I was so overjoyed that I ended up high-fiving Fatty with my injured hand.

I curled up again because of the pain, but Fatty ignored me and said into the satellite phone, “Black Glasses, where are you?!”

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