Chapter 3 Strange Corpse 1

Although it had always been called the world’s second most valuable tomb, it was still inconclusive as to who was actually buried in it. I only knew that it was an emperor from the Yuan Dynasty, but I had come up with a very bold theory during our journey here. If this black spot was the Five Mountain Dragon Gods and the black lines in the rock were dragon veins that stemmed from the Kunlun Mountains, then the mountains here must not have existed before. The person who built this tomb must have used special corpses to attract the dragon veins to this place.

The oldest techniques used strange corpses to lure dragons to a place, and then groups of corpses were used to raise the dragons. Although we had seen too many strange corpses along the way, those things had basically just been cheap decorations that were used to build this tomb as a dwelling place for the gods. At best, it could be considered self-entertainment.

None of those corpses could attract this dragon vein, and it wasn’t like an emperor’s body could be regarded as a strange corpse. Otherwise, there would always be tall mountains wherever they were buried, which would negate the need to search for the dragon vein. So, there had to be a special corpse that was used to lure the dragon.

At present, a giant coffin had risen up from the bottom of the stone temple and appeared before the black spot. In such a strange and frantic situation, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was where the strange corpse was. Did we trigger something? What’s going to happen next?

At this time, Fatty suddenly shouted from below, “Mr. Naïve, pop quiz: What the hell is up with the corpse in there? This black spot is standing here and looking at it, so is the corpse really attractive?”

“Dragon veins tend to have some relation to the stars,” I shouted back. “Is it a star?”

I was considered highly educated, so even I couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of my mouth. If a star fell out of the sky, then the earth would be wiped out.

“You said that dragons follow pearls, so maybe it’s a dragon pearl?”

The dragon pearl was actually the moon, and the double dragons playing with the pearl was really just a single evolution of the moving planetary chart in Chinese astronomy.(1)

Just as I was thinking this, Fatty suddenly shouted, “Look, look, look! Here it comes!”

I glanced up and saw that the coffin’s lid had moved an inch.

At this time, the flare went out again, and I shouted to Fatty, “Fire another one!”

“Shit, do you think I’m a wholesaler?” Fatty shot back. “There aren’t any more.”

With that said, a flashlight suddenly appeared from Fatty’s position and pointed towards the top of the sarcophagus on the stone temple. From this angle, the light just barely revealed the vague outline of it, but I could see that a slender object appeared to be sticking out of the huge sarcophagus. I didn’t know if it was an arm, or if the corpse itself was elongated like that.

But Fatty didn’t give up at all. Just like those jerks who catcalled and pointed their flashlights at couples making out in the bushes at school, his flashlight didn’t waver and just kept pointing in that direction.

Unfortunately, the light was really weak. I watched the thing coming out of the coffin grow longer and longer and realized that the corpse wasn’t human at all. But what exactly was it?

At this time, my hand was aching badly from the severe pain and a huge burning sensation was spreading from the joints to my forearm. I adjusted my posture and told myself that I had to find a way to pull my hand out. But at this time, I suddenly heard a human voice coming from the coffin across the way.

I was stunned for a moment. The voice wasn’t quiet, and as I listened attentively, I found that it was Xiao Hua’s satellite recording again.

I put my ear up against the black spot again and found that the sound was no longer coming from inside.

What’s going on?

After thinking about it, I felt that the satellite recording equipment had been taken out from inside the black spot and placed in front of the coffin.

Could the underside of the coffin be connected to the inside of the black spot?

I stared at the coffin and found that the thing sticking out seemed to be an especially slender, strange corpse that stood at least four meters high. The sound from Xiao Hua’s satellite recording seemed to be coming from its body. As Fatty’s flashlight swept past, I noticed that the strange corpse seemed to be following the movement of the light.

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TN Notes:

(1) The pearl (or ball) you often see Chinese dragons with is said to be associated with spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, immortality, thunder, or the moon. The double dragons playing with the pearl is a manifestation of two dragons playing (or snatching) a fire ball/pearl. Its origin comes from the planetary diagram in Chinese astronomy, and the fire ball is said to have evolved from the moon. I only found stuff on baidu because I kept getting the “Dragon Ball” manga/anime when I tried searching in English.


Omg you guys! Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s works are getting officially published in English! *super high pitched fangirl squealing* I never preorder shit, but I preordered all 3 ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ Here’s the link if anybody’s interested. Maybe one day (i.e., never) some publisher will pick up the rest of DMBJ and give us what we deserve. Anyways, when Tiffany is done checking through Restart Part 3’s chapters, do you want me to add it on to the other Restart pdf (the one that’s 900 pages) or just make it a whole pdf on its own?


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  1. Thank you for another great chapter! I saw the news about MXTX, and even though I don’t read danmei, I’m hoping this means more Chinese novels will get official English translations in the future 😀 as for the pdf…I’d personally prefer a new pdf, because this doesn’t really connect to the other Restart at all I think, it’s more of it own new story.

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  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s aliens at this point.

    Yay for more translated works! My initial drive to learn Mandarin was to read the original stories all these dramas are based off of, cause I was so unsatisfied with so many of the endings. 100% of the translations so far have been WAAAYY better than the dramas. I really need to sit down and study seriously though cause I know many works won’t be translated for many years yet. I’m so grateful for AWESOME people like you Merebear and Tiffany and Yvette who take it upon themselves to bring the works to the fans.

    And I am for having a separate PDF for part 3! Mainly so the cover for Part 2 can be that awesome screaming meme. 😆


    1. Right? It’s like directors and script writers never read the books sometimes (or the damn censorship takes the good stuff out) so I always want to read the books to see how much better they are. Luckily, fans have translated the most popular ones so I didn’t have to try and learn Mandarin 😂 Hopefully this opens the door for a lot more stuff to be officially translated (and the authors can finally get paid for their hard work 😊)

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  3. Thanks for translating this franchise! ❤️ I really appreciate all of your effort ✨ Also, I prefer a separate pdf for part 3 (with the screaming meme) 🤣

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  4. “Is it a star?” 😶

    … duh! Yes, Wu Xie, it is. A tomb filled with all the stuff from all the tombs linked to the Ultimate and you’re still not thinking of the darn METEOR from Tamotuo????

    Sometimes I wonder if that man resets his brains in between adventures! Must be ‘coz he lived with Xiaoge for too long…

    Or because of his wrist and exhaustion right now, he can’t see what’s staring at his face.

    I feel like it’s really gonna be “R.I.P. Xiao Hua” this time 😰😭

    (On another note * light spoilers alert, though*: anyone else out there annoyed as hell with the stupid bit in TLT3 when Pan Zi goes and gives his precious last words speech at a moment that is NOT RELEVANT and not worth it at all??? 😤 Come on, TV! If you want to see that on screen, please get back your cast and crew from ‘Ultimate Note’ and get to work with the last books!)

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  5. Oh, and I agree with the others on the pdf: there really seem to be too different stories, so I think it’d be better to have Part1 and 2 in a pdf with the Restart Trial Readings (I reckon you put them togheter) and Part 3 and 4 in another one.

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  6. He said they have to use a special corpse for attract this dragon vein. Maybe the special corpse that the owner of this tomb used is that “great demon black pol or ancient female python’s corpse.” they should have killed it but instead kept it alive for this purpose.


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