Chapter 72 Inferences

We made some casual inferences by throwing out some details that weren’t imperative to our investigation.

First, there was the lacquer painting on the back of the coffin lid that drew a very exquisite map. Among the patterns, a secret path leading to the world’s second most valuable tomb was clearly marked out. And in that place, there were two dancing girl figurines that acted as markers.

I remembered the poses that these two dancing girls were in very clearly.

Shen Qianjue and her partner had marked all of the male and female dancing figurines in this underground palace with lipstick. Was this a coincidence? I didn’t think so. They must have also learned this information and were looking for the dancing girls as well.

Whenever they found a dancing figurine, they must have looked to see if there was a tunnel under its feet. If there wasn’t one, then they would mark it off. That was what these marks were for.

So, did they really leave here and give up on continuing forward? Or maybe they failed to find the dancing girl figurines and returned empty handed? Or maybe there was something else they didn’t mention to us? When we were talking on the satellite phone, were they really thousands of kilometers away in an apartment in the city? Or was there something else going on?

Speaking of which, marks were actually really amazing. These kinds of small notches sometimes contained a lot of information, but they could still accurately be delivered to a certain person.

To the one who knew the mark.

I suddenly remembered something and asked Poker-Face, “Those marks I don’t understand, who are they for?”

Poker-Face, who was still looking in the direction of the coffin, turned his head slightly when he heard my question but didn’t answer me.

I stared blankly for a moment. “If someone from the Zhang family is following us, they can just come out and join us. I know this trip is very dangerous, so I can accept this arrangement.”

Poker-Face fully turned to look at me this time and shook his head.

“Then what does this mark mean?” I asked.

I thought that I had learned to recognize all of the Zhang family’s marks.

Poker-Face zipped his jacket all the way up to his neck, flipped his knife over, and then sharpened the blade with the grindstone several times. He then hooked it to his belt on his lower back and said indifferently, “This is a mark left for future generations of my clan explaining my whereabouts.”

This is a symbol relaying one’s last words?! I cried out in my heart. Then it’s no surprise that I really haven’t learned it. I don’t have any messages that I want to leave behind for the Zhang family.

Is this all because he thinks he might not be able to make it back?

Our surroundings remained deathly quiet as Poker-Face continued to look at the darkness over by the coffin. At this time, I suddenly found that his expression was different from before.

It wasn’t fear—the indifference was still there, after all—but there was something more difficult to describe in his eyes.

The only time I had seen those kinds of eyes was on the stone statue in Motuo.

I wanted to keep pestering him a bit, but he suddenly walked over to the two pairs of dancing footprints and squatted down.

These footprints were very strange. If they had searched all of the dancing figurines, then they must have found the entrance. So why dance here? What was the point?

I felt as if there was a very logical explanation for this—in other words, there weren’t any secret passages under any of the dancers, but two people were dancing on the map, so they had both danced as well.

And Xiao Hua had also danced in another spot.

Dancing was obviously a clue, so according to the general situation, we’d have to dance and see what happened next.

Poker-Face looked at me and I immediately knew what he meant. “If someone has to dance, then the three of us should do it together,” I said to him while thinking to myself, you can cut ghosts, can’t you dance?

Fatty suddenly spoke up from the side, “No, I can’t dance without a pole.”

At this time, Poker-Face stood up, moved to Shen Qianjue’s footprints, and squatted down again.

I stared blankly for a moment, seriously? Then I made a move like I was pulling radishes.

After I was finished, I was very surprised at the fact that I still remembered the move. I must have taken kindergarten very seriously back in the day.

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Ha, wonder what Fatty’s stripper name would be? (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

4 thoughts on “Chapter 72 Inferences

  1. I DON’T like this… “This is a mark left for future generations of my clan explaining my whereabouts.” And if I remember, Poker-Face’s statue in Motuo was crying…(The only time I had seen those kinds of eyes was on the stone statue in Motuo). I’m going to cry too…

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    1. My thought exactly!!! And earlier he avoided Wu Xie’s question about the black on his fingers… maybe he got poisonned too, but the Zhangs can’t actually survive this specific poison? TOO MANY HINTS at a finale adventure in this story, it is SO spooky: stuff they’ve seen before, memories and now this! Is the author planning on killing Xiaoge after saving Wu Xie at the last minute in the previous story? No…no, no, NO. Please, don’t do that. Or send them toghether beyong yet another Bronze Door (I bet these things go by 3) and bring them back 20 years later, just as “not-so-young” to come and get Pangzi when he’s like, ready to go on his last adventure. Cheesy, I know, but… oh please, don’t go and leave one or the other alone again. And do not make us go through the statue moment again: that chapter had me actually sobbing!


  2. “The only time I had seen those kinds of eyes was on the stone statue in Motuo”… nop… nop please… that a very sad thing and i don’t like where all of this is going 🥺


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