Chapter 59 Poisoning

I threw Ping Lian’s head into the coffin liquid and breathed a sigh of relief. Ping Lian’s eyes slowly returned to normal as his head sank to the bottom of the coffin liquid.

My hands and armpits were covered in mucus, and a pure black blood was gushing out from Ping Lian’s wound. It was giving off an indescribable stench as it dyed the coffin liquid a strange black color.

I sighed. There was no place on my body that was clean now that everything was stained with these disgusting things.

At this time, however, I found that Ping Lian’s blood was too smelly. It was so smelly, in fact, that I couldn’t even open my eyes. The whole space was filled with an extremely strong ammonia-like smell, so I tried to take smaller breaths. But I found that the smell made the air become almost like a tangible thing. As it was sucked into my lungs, I could feel my nose hairs being corroded.

I found a corner and squatted down. I wanted to continue holding out for as long as I could, but I found that my eyes were starting to blur. Not good, I said to myself. This smell is probably poisonous.

There wasn’t enough time to waste checking on the situation outside, so I tilted my head, pushed my shoulders against the coffin lid, and tried lifting it up.

The lid was very heavy—in fact, it was difficult for a single person to open it—but I had done special training and knew the secret to uniting the strength in your waist and legs so that you could exert more force.

Face turning red with the effort, I pushed hard on the coffin lid until a gap was revealed bit by bit. I immediately put my nose to it and took a deep breath of the air outside. But the coffin was so smelly that my skin started to itch. I immediately exerted my strength and lifted the coffin lid until I could get out. Then, I quickly used one hand to raise my flashlight to my cheek and looked around.

Fatty, Poker-Face, and the giant corpse were gone. It was quiet all around.

I couldn’t think too much about what was going on and just focused on getting out of the coffin first. Then, I immediately pushed the lid back on the coffin again.

The smell faded and the irritating sensation on my body immediately began to ease. As expected, there was a problem with the smell.

I sniffed myself. Although I didn’t feel itchy anymore, I still smelled terrible. I figured I was probably covered in a mixture of about seven or eight kinds of disgusting things.

I gripped the knife at my back as I stuck close to the edge of the coffin and listened to my surroundings. They might have taken the fight somewhere else but I couldn’t hear any sounds, nor could I see anything even after sweeping my flashlight around the area.

Fuck me, what am I supposed to do now? I asked myself. At this time, I saw a huge mark on the coffin platform where we had all been standing before that giant corpse showed up.

That thing wasn’t here before and I didn’t know what it was, but the mark it left in the dust was almost like a snake had moved through the messy pile of footprints.

Not only was the mark about as thick as an oil drum, but it was so huge that I wondered if that was why Poker-Face had ordered me to hide in the coffin.

My whole body suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. This thing was more than four times bigger than the giant corpse, and it had crawled here. What could it be?

Well, whatever it was, I was certain that something big had happened outside just now. But just as I was starting to worry, I suddenly saw a mark on the ground next to the “snake” mark.

It was Poker-Face’s symbol, which meant: hide yourself and follow slowly.

There was also another mark on the side, which was a nose with an X drawn on it. Fatty was the one who drew this mark.

I breathed a sigh of relief and then examined Fatty’s mark again. I immediately understood that it was referring to smell and that Fatty wanted me to cover up my own scent.

I sniffed myself again. No ghosts can smell me now. I was originally looking for something to wipe all this gunk off, but now I had no choice but to keep it on.

It seemed that Poker-Face didn’t lock me in to protect me, but because my scent would cause him trouble.

I thought about it, opened the coffin lid again, and then fished out some of the dog blood-infused coffin liquid from inside. After smearing a little on my knees and shoulders, I couldn’t keep my eyes open because of the terrible smell.

Once I was done with that, I closed the coffin lid again, pointed my flashlight at the darkest area, and secretly looked at the huge “snake” mark.

I had seen countless snake marks before, so when I saw what direction that thing was moving in, I knew it wasn’t a snake at all. It was something very similar to a snake, but its movements were different. I didn’t know what it was, but it was useless to guess now. Poker-Face and Fatty’s footprints seemed to be following this thing, which meant that they were probably tracking it.

I quietly followed the mark and soon saw that it led to the front of the mural with the dark spot on it.

The mark disappeared in front of the mural.

I stared blankly for a moment and then looked down at Poker-Face and Fatty’s footprints. Sure enough, their footprints also disappeared.

Fuck me.

Well, I guess it’s kind of interesting, I said to myself. Did they go into the wall? Is this not a dark spot but a black hole?

I touched it with my hand and found that it was absolutely impossible to get in. Then I looked at it with my peripheral vision and found that I couldn’t see anything at all. This time, there was nothing in the dark spot.

The underground palace was very quiet. I looked back and saw that there were a lot of figurines, but I couldn’t see everything clearly. Without Fatty talking, the surrounding coldness seemed to rush right at me.

Then my eyes started to hurt and I found that things became blurred. I also noticed a coppery taste in my mouth. When I wiped at it, I found that I had a nosebleed.

I kept wiping it with my hands but the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Then I saw that my nails had turned black. I touched them and found that they seemed to be falling off.


I cursed in my heart as I immediately returned to the coffin. It’s corpse poisoning. I took off my clothes as I walked, returning to the edge of the coffin completely naked. I dropped to the ground, immediately gathered all the dust around me, and then started rubbing it on my body.

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Yep, there it is. One named Wu Xie simply cannot go into a tomb without getting naked (sucks he’s poisoned, though)

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  1. I hope that thing inside his lung able to keep him save for this dungeon run…
    Thank you for the chapter Bear-san~


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