Chapter 54 Into the Coffin?

Naturally, it was because of Shen Qianjue’s narrative that we thought this Corpse Country’s banquet hall was the underground palace itself. Plus, it was very normal to have murals on every wall of this underground palace.

But Fatty was saying that this was all an illusion and we weren’t actually in the underground palace at all. In fact, three of the four walls around us weren’t walls but the sides of three huge outer coffins.

It was because these outer coffins were too big that they looked like walls. The three coffins were placed according to the positional relationship of the “goods” and the edges were joined together seamlessly to create an enclosed space, which was the Corpse Country’s banquet hall where we were currently located.

And at the apex of these goods was the area where we and this food box coffin were located. There was a mural behind us, or rather, a huge outer coffin wall with a big hole in it. We could even see rubble on the ground from where it had fallen out from the inside. It was obvious that something had come out of the outer coffin.

“What’s your theory?” I asked Fatty. Truthfully, when I looked at the murals here, I couldn’t tell that the walls were actually the sides of huge painted coffins.

“You know that some of the outer coffins in large tombs can weigh up to a thousand tons, right? Although these outer coffins are big, it’s not unusual,” Fatty said. “And something obviously crawled out from the inside and took a bite of this Wanshi Meat. Have you ever heard of a wall burial? As far as I know, there’s no such burial system. So, the only reasonable explanation I can think of is that this wall is actually a coffin and a transformed corpse came from inside of it.”

I looked at the hole and then up at the height of this banquet hall. If this really was an outer coffin, then it must’ve been composed of several layers of wood and mud.

When was this hole made? Was it after Shen Qianjue left or after we entered this place?

I couldn’t tell because Shen Qianjue didn’t say too much at that time.

Fatty looked at the hole and then turned around and asked me, “What should we do? Do you think A Hua is inside?”

Definitely not, I said to myself. I doubt even Xiao Hua knew that this underground palace is actually made from three giant coffins. But at this time, there weren’t any clues as to why there were three huge outer coffins in this mountain. Who was buried here?

I had always secretly thought that there would be a demon monk’s corpse in this underground palace. But these outer coffin walls seemed to indicate that this wasn’t the case at all. It would be impossible for a demon monk to be interred in such a large outer coffin.

“Is anyone there?” Fatty yelled at the hole. He illuminated it with his flashlight and then lit a flare and threw it inside.

We could see that this outer coffin had been built using layer after layer of wooden frames, which had all been ripped apart. It clearly wasn’t easy for the thing inside to come out.

“I know it’s a bad idea, but I still have to go in and take a look,” Fatty turned back and said to us. Such a big coffin was usually filled with funerary objects, so I knew he couldn’t resist taking a peek.

“I think there may be another one inside. Maybe you’ll be forced to marry it when you go in,” I said, not wanting to rock the boat. If we didn’t find any clues, I was going to try and dance like the others to see what would happen.

But at this time, I suddenly noticed that the soles of my shoes were wet.

I looked down with my flashlight and saw that the ground was covered in water. Fatty sighed, “The food box is leaking. It’s a pity to see this Wanshi Soup go to waste.”

But I didn’t think that was right, because the volume of the coffin liquid in the food box didn’t drop and there was also a ripple on the liquid’s surface.

The three of us immediately realized that there was water falling from the ceiling and looked up.

The first thing I saw was that the giant Buddha statue—which had been hanging high in the air—had come down. Its mouth was wide open and it was looking at me with a strange smile while drooling.

No, it wasn’t a Buddha statue at all but a humanoid thing crawling on the Buddha statue. That thing was dressed very similar to the Buddha statue, but its ancient clothes were rotten and blackened and its face was covered in white hair.

It was drooling so much that there was no doubt that the “water” on the ground was its saliva. Fatty looked between it and me and mouthed, “Mr. Naïve, you smell so good that it’s coming for you.”

“Do something!” I mouthed back.

At this time, the thing suddenly opened its mouth, revealing a row of teeth that had bits of cloth and hair stuck in them.

So, you really did eat the fish head.

As I backed away from the mouth, I saw that there were two human heads near this thing’s ears.

They looked just like two fins.

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