Chapter 52 Dancing Together

I could see out of the corner of my eye that the dark spot had somehow become reflective and that smooth black surface was reflecting the three of us.

If it weren’t for my confidence in my ability to visually discern things, I would’ve thought that it was something else when I first saw the three shadows reflected in the dark spot. But I was all too familiar with the silhouettes of these three people, so I knew that it was a reflection of the three of us.

The reflection wasn’t as clear as a mirror, however, because that dark, uneven surface made it somewhat blurry. And since our three silhouettes looked very strange, I just assumed it was caused by a funhouse mirror effect.

But the reason I was scared enough to almost leap up was because at some unknown point, an extremely huge monster had appeared behind the three of us.

It was very tall—probably about two meters high—and had a humanoid shape. But nothing had been behind us before, so I was shocked when I suddenly saw it.

Poker-Face must have felt all of my muscles tense up, for he immediately grabbed Fatty and I and started retreating, causing the three of us to almost fall over. He thought that I had seen some kind of monster in the dark spot and immediately dragged us back.

It’s behind us! I shouted in my heart, but it was already too late. There was a loud clanging sound as we crashed into a pile of ceramic figurines.

I immediately got up and looked back, but like usual, there was nothing there.

I wasn’t using my peripheral vision when I looked back, so the whole banquet area still looked like the quiet and cold underground palace.

I immediately used my peripheral vision to look at the dark spot and saw that there was nothing there this time.

“Is something there?” Fatty asked me. “What is it?”

I shook my head, thinking that I had imagined it all. As Fatty swept his flashlight around, we briefly saw the huge coffin at the highest point of the tomb. He had swept over it quickly, but he immediately pointed the flashlight back at it.

“Hey, how did the coffin open?” He immediately asked.

I followed the direction of his flashlight and saw that the coffin’s lid really was open. I didn’t know when it had happened, but now it was tilted to one side.

We looked at each other and then Fatty asked me, “What did you see just now?”

“I didn’t see it clearly,” I said.

“Did you activate your passive skills again?” Fatty took a closer look at the coffin, clearly wanting to go over and check it out.

That’s unlikely, I said in my heart. Didn’t they say this wasn’t a coffin but a food box? Can this food box transform corpses?

Based on the size of that thing just now, this corpse was no ordinary corpse but a giant creature.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 52 Dancing Together

  1. Ugh. Having flashbacks to that horrible-giant-zombie-Wannu-lookalike-thing that was in Tibetan Sea Flower that they could only run from and try to throw grenades at. 😑 As well as when they were all blind in the leather figurine tomb, relying on Wu Xie to be their eyes. I still don’t understand how or why this is ranked as the world’s second most valuable tomb, but as it seems to be a collage of some of the worst moments of each of their past tomb raiding adventures, I can’t imagine how awful the world’s MOST valuable tomb would be. This also has me wondering if they aren’t all suffering some kind of drug induced psychosis or hypnosis or something that’s making them see all this stuff that’s based on stories and past experiences. 🤔

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  2. “It was very tall—probably about two meters high—and had a humanoid shape”… is like the thing stalking ah tou 🤔


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