Chapter 44 Nameless Chapter

“Fatty!” I shouted as I looked at Ping Lian’s reflection. When I heard Fatty’s answering call, I said, “There’s a situation.”

“You can deal with it,” Fatty’s voice said from further inside the tunnel. “I have something to do.”

I looked at the face in the water and saw those eyes looking at me coldly. “Can’t you just come over here?” I called out again.

“Mr. Naïve, it’s time to grow up. You’ll have to eat and shit by yourself sooner or later.”

“Please, Fatty.” I was a little desperate because I felt that Ping Lian wasn’t drinking as much water now and the face in the reflection was starting to show a vicious expression.

Fatty finally came over but paused when he saw Ping Lian. I directed his attention to the reflection in the water.

Fatty squinted at it and then immediately pulled me back. We were both feeling a little scared and held onto each other. “Why is your Uncle Two’s face appearing on a dog?” Fatty asked.

That face really did resemble my Uncle Two, but it definitely wasn’t; otherwise, it could only be explained as another kind of metaphysics. Plus, there was no way that ferocious expression could be made by a human’s facial muscles.

Ping Lian slowly stopped drinking and looked up at me. At this time, the face in the water’s reflection was showing an extremely ferocious expression. Then, I saw that face’s mouth move and form a word.

Of course, Ping Lian by the water’s edge didn’t speak and just looked at us, but the face and mouth below were moving. We just couldn’t hear any sound. Fatty reached for his knife at the same time that I started to reach for my own knife with my left hand.

I used my right hand to grip Fatty as I stared at that face without showing any fear.

Finally, after the face and I stared at each other for a few minutes, Ping Lian turned and left the pool. But when he ran directly out of the hole, I noticed a strange sight—Ping Lian had left, but the face in the water’s reflection didn’t move at all. In fact, it was still in the same position.

It was at this time that I realized this thing wasn’t a reflection but a human face in the water. It had just so happened to overlap with Ping Lian’s reflection.

But before we could react, that face suddenly came out of the water. It had originally been facing the opposite way, but once it came out of the water, its head rotated 180 degrees.

Its body didn’t come out of the water, but in the next second, that face retreated back into the pool. There seemed to be a hole under it, and when it retreated into the hole, a huge wave of water surged up.

Fatty and I crouched there frozen in the same spot for a long time before we were sure that it wouldn’t pop up again somewhere else. The scene just now was absolutely terrifying. It looked as if that face was attached to a very long neck, but I wasn’t sure.

“Do you think this thing is a different type compared to the one you saw before?” Fatty asked.

I nodded. This face was very different compared to the others I had seen. The first one I saw was a black person who moved very fast. The other was a corpse wearing ancient clothes that was wrapped up in mercury-covered moss, which was an ancient burial method used to preserve corpses.

It felt as if this was a relationship between grazers and herders.

Fatty asked if the fat corpses he had seen along the way were actually dead cows that could produce milk, but I remembered seeing both males and females among those corpses. Since they were so fat, they were probably meant to be eaten.

Of course, this was all just speculation since no one knew what was happening below this grassland.

But the face I saw just now was definitely different from the two I had seen before, which made it the third kind of “thing” that I had seen so far. The shape was similar to the others, but for some reason, I felt as if this face could think.

As the surging water gradually calmed down, I saw the pebbles in the pool quickly fall back and fill in the place where that head had come out of. The hole probably led to an underground area below the pool, but it was all covered by the pebbles now.

That face had looked like it was saying a word to me just now. I knew it had to be a language, but I really didn’t understand Mongolian.

I imitated the pronunciation of the words I thought that face had said and came up with the following words that sounded similar: broadcast, beat, kindness, and exterminate.(1)

Fatty asked me what it meant, but I just shook my head. The frustration in my heart had reached its limit: how many obstacles could be caused by not understanding a civilization and culture? I couldn’t even conduct effective reasoning here.

After that, I kept watch and thought about all of the clues as I waited for Poker-Face to return. Unfortunately, I didn’t make any progress and Poker-Face didn’t get anything, either. As it turned out, the gap led to a dead end. The rest of the gap had collapsed completely, so he didn’t dare go any further.

After discussing it, we felt that the layers of soil here had been specially treated and were prone to collapse. This was especially true for the excavated grave robbers’ tunnels, which could only last for a short time. If this mountain was really packed earth, then it was probably the most annoying situation we could encounter.

There was a time limit when it came to the structural integrity of these grave robbers’ tunnels because the soil here was like sheep intestines. In other words, when the grave robbers’ tunnel was excavated halfway, the first excavated part would collapse and the exit would be blocked. Your only option would be to continue digging down to reach the underground palace.

After arriving at the underground palace, you could then use the air there and dig your way back. But it was still the same situation. The grave robbers’ tunnel would continue to collapse, so you’d have to keep moving forward without stopping.

This was a very special craft, which enabled the underground palace to naturally be closed off after it was robbed. It was also extremely demanding for the craftsman making the holes, because there could be no mistakes when it came to physical strength or positioning ability.

We had adequate experience, but I wasn’t confident at all. I not only understood what those large grave robbers’ tunnels meant, but I also knew that there were a lot of corpses in those countless small grave robbers’ tunnels nearby. They were the bodies of those who didn’t reach the underground palace and died halfway.

I thought of Shen Qianjue again and began to realize what information she had been hiding from us.

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TN Notes:

(1) bō (播)=broadcast; dǎ (打)=hit; cí (慈)=kindness; miè (灭)=exterminate


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  1. thank you for the chapter! 😊 the face was scary but when it was said it had a long neck, the spookiness subsided a bit because i thought of a giraffe TT


  2. I don’t know if it’s only me, but these last chapters really are the scariest chapters in all ‘Daomu Biji’! I really wish I had Pangzi nearby to grab his hand too!!
    (42 going on to 45 years old, eh, Wu Xie? And you’re cuter than ever, not even hiding when you need comfort, now! That’s why we love you [and the gang] so much!

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      1. If I’m not mistaken, he’s 40 in Reunion/Restart and this is happening some years after.
        It goes like this: he’s 22 or 23 in the first book (I think it is mentionned), then his aventures take up 2 to 3 years (they spend a lot of time in the hospital in between books ^^) so he’s roughly 25 when Poker-face enters the Bronze Door.
        Add to this 10 years, he’s 35 when they reunited again. Then it’s mentionned if I remember well that they spend 5 years doing nothing (or so we thought) in Rain Village.
        That makes Wu Xie definitely over 40 now (but as for us older readers, we don’t mind at all 😅🤣)

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  3. Thank you for the chapter Bear-san~.
    I want to ask. The quote “my lifetime, in exchange for a decade of your innocence and purity” is widely known. But Ive been reading your translation and can’t find that part. Which chapter was that? Xiao Ge the one who said it right?

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      1. Thank you for the answer.
        Aah, what a pity. No wonder i can’t find those on the novel…
        So the author said that on interview. It will be great if Xiao Ge said it as part of the novel. The ship can sail freely in the sea~

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