Chapter 4

To Xie Yuchen’s surprise, the whole space didn’t smell unpleasant.

He put his fingers to the ground, shifted his stance to that of a cat, and slowly crawled towards the female corpse.

If you were at the scene, you would see that Xie Yuchen’s movements in this low-hanging space were extremely flexible and easy. His whole skeleton had been adjusted into a cat-like state. He didn’t think that he would lose any of his athletic ability just because he was lying on his stomach. On the contrary, he knew very well that he could accelerate in an instant.

In essence, Xie Yuchen never feared narrow and complex spaces.

The female corpse was very beautiful, her skin already appearing to have transformed into jade. He could see that her outer layers of skin looked like translucent ice jade, while the blood vessels inside looked like jade stone patterns.

Black Glasses had given him a hint when he said that it was up to him to determine what method he should use to handle her. As a result, Xie Yuchen already knew what to do next.

“Want to talk?” Xie Yuchen sat four meters away from the dead woman. As he sat among the white flowers with his pink shirt and looked at the white-clothed woman across from him, it almost seemed as if he was the protagonist of a story.

The female corpse remained motionless.

When Xie Yuchen pointed his cell phone’s flashlight at her, the light reflected off of her skin and made his surroundings appear brighter.

“If a pair of lovers are about the same age, they usually don’t think much about who will die first unless one of them is sick. And unless they are already too far apart in age, they won’t be separated by death for too long.” Xie Yuchen looked at the female corpse, “If those two people know that they can’t stay together for life and one of them is destined to leave early, they’ll take risks. So, the two want to become immortal together in order to seek eternal love.”

The female corpse still didn’t move, so Xie Yuchen continued, “When I observed everything just now, I noticed that something was wrong. Your lover, who was floating in the air, isn’t an immortal corpse but an artificial skin. It’s filled with cicada wings, which makes you think that he has the aura of an immortal.”

“You wanted to become immortal with him, but you didn’t realize that he didn’t want to be with you forever. Looking at your age, you must have been in your twenties when you were buried. You, a naïve girl, thought that an old man would have the courage to fall in love with you forever. But you were deceived. After you died, you were transforming into an immortal for your eternal love, but he had already passed his life happily and was reincarnated,” Xie Yuchen said. “And he was afraid that after you became immortal, you’d retaliate against his descendants, so he even sent you here to prevent you from transforming.”

Xie Yuchen saw a thin crack appear on the female corpse’s face.

“Your life was wasted. You also know that even if I don’t do anything, it’ll be hard for you to remain conscious after sunrise. I don’t know what you did to my friend, but please let him go. I might be able to help you transform, or at least keep you from disappearing.”

More fine lines appeared on the female corpse’s face, and Xie Yuchen saw the white flowers all around them begin to wither.

He suddenly felt itchy and took a look with his phone’s flashlight. He didn’t know when it had happened, but he found that his hands were full of scratch marks.

Xie Yuchen remained extremely calm, but when he pointed the phone in front of him again, he suddenly found that the female corpse was very close to his face.

The female corpse’s face had cracked completely, and molting cicada larvae could be seen inside. He didn’t know what kind of sorcery it was.

“I see that you’re angry,” Xie Yuchen said. “But I’m only telling the truth. The one who has been lying with you for sixty years is a dummy.”

The female corpse’s mouth suddenly opened violently, her whole face becoming extremely sinister in a way that was impossible for humans to replicate.

Xie Yuchen closed his eyes, “Men will always lie to people even if they become immortal.”

When he said this, Xie Yuchen’s whole body was taut, ready to turn aside at any moment and fight with the female corpse. He was certain that he had some advantages in this space, but sometimes he just didn’t like to do physical work.

When he opened his eyes again, the female corpse was gone. Xie Yuchen clicked his tongue and shouted, “Black Glasses!”

The female corpse wanted to confirm that the corpse outside was her lover. But as soon as she crawled out of the hole in the floor, Black Glasses was already waiting in ambush. He grabbed a nearby worship bench and directly knocked the head off of the female corpse.

Since the female corpse had turned into jade, her whole head was shattered into pieces and the insects inside scattered across the floor. Black Glasses went up and trampled on everything.

“Your mouth is too scary.” Black Glasses said to Xie Yuchen after spitting out a mouthful of blood. Xie Yuchen slipped past the headless corpse and climbed out of the hole in the floor.

“To become an immortal with feelings is a false idea in and of itself.” Xie Yuchen checked Black Glasses’ pulse.

“Am I saved?”

“With something like this, it’s energy should have dissipated once its shape was broken. You should be fine.”

The two of them stretched their joints out. Xie Yuchen wasn’t nervous at all and went to remove the coffin lid from the male corpse.

“Is what you said true?” Black Glasses asked. “Or were you just tricking her?”

Xie Yuchen looked at the squashed male corpse, which was just a piece of sewn pigskin. He turned to look at the headless female corpse and said to Black Glasses, “I lied to her. He really loved her.”

Black Glasses got the message and sighed, “Humble love.”

The headless female corpse lay there quietly, slowly losing its luster.


Note: Xie Yuchen is unwilling to disclose the “real” record of the Russian incident. The version recorded now is just a collection of rumors. This incident was called “The Suspended Body in St. Petersburg”. Twenty-four Russians died at the time. The above record is a superficial version, but the story isn’t over yet. The subsequent developments reveal the truth of the story.

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Pic added 4/15/2023 (fan translation courtesy of me)


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  1. I got confused here. Why Xiao Hua said he lied when the male corpse is only a sewn pigskin? Isn’t that practically evidence that what he said is true?

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    1. I guess he wanted to “soothe” the female corpse. Idk. Being lied by a stranger than someone you loved for years is better for me.


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