Chapter 220 Countdown to the Finale 2

For me, this was a hard choice. There were many things in my life that were uncommon, but puzzles definitely didn’t fall into this category. There were too many things I wanted to know back then, but after time had passed, I didn’t want to know anymore. In the ensuing years, when I encountered and possibly touched upon these puzzles countless times, I chose to give up. I had learned to choose to be safe in this world instead of pursuing the so-called truth.

I never thought that God would put all the information in front of me one day and let me choose for myself.

You didn’t want to know, did you? But now I’ll tell you everything. Do you have the courage to step back?

It was a matter of facing your inner desires—do you want to know it or not? It was only when the truth was right in front of you that you could really think about it.

Of course, this could all just be my nightmare. Maybe I could never get close to these shadows and the truth, or maybe this information was just some memories in my head. When I absorbed the memories from the snake pheromones, they had already existed after all. So maybe my memories were just getting decoded by the thunder so that I could see them more clearly.

At this time, I suddenly felt afraid. I knew very well that I wouldn’t see what I wanted to see—how Uncle Three had disappeared from the snake marsh, where he had been for so many years, and whether my judgment back then was correct or not.

But there was a chance I might learn everything I wanted to know.

The fear was real, but I couldn’t stop myself from moving forward step by step. My heart wanted to know; I wanted to know everything.

As the fog cleared away, I saw the snake marsh gradually appear. Uncle Three was trekking through the rainforest with his team. I saw that they were heading for a cave in the near distance. Black Glasses was also among the team. Uncle Three suddenly looked back at him and said, “You don’t have to go in with us. Please give this thing to Wu Xie for me.”

“What’s inside?” Black Glasses asked him. I saw that it was a bamboo tube. It contained the snake that Black Glasses had trekked through the desert to bring me. This was the snake that had opened up a whole new world for me.

“It’s my message to Wu Xie.” With that said, Uncle Three went into the cave. I saw this scene in the snake’s memory before, but after that, I never saw Uncle Three again.

I followed Uncle Three into the cave. They walked a long distance and many people died—I won’t tell that story here; otherwise, it would be too long—before Uncle Three eventually led the rest of his team into a small cave.

I saw Chen Wen-Jin standing at the end of the cave.

Uncle Three didn’t walk over. He and Chen Wen-Jin just stood face to face, separated by a long distance.

In Uncle Three’s narrative, he and Chen Wen-Jin always had constant affection for each other. In my memory, Aunt Chen Wen-Jin and Uncle Three were very interesting lovers, but when I saw this reunion scene, the feelings I had imagined were no longer there.

They looked at each other like two strangers. Uncle Three didn’t hesitate, as if he knew that she had been waiting here for a while.

But they remained silent for a long time, because they used to like each other so much after all.

“I’m here.” Uncle Three eventually said to her. “You guys—”

“There are no more of us,” Chen Wen-Jin replied. “I’m the only one here.” Her voice was so hoarse that she didn’t sound like a woman at all, but more like an elderly person.

“Your nephew is here, too. As well as Zhang Qiling,” Chen Wen-Jin said. “They all came earlier than you.”

“You know I don’t agree with your approach. I didn’t agree with it before, and I don’t agree with it now,” Uncle Three said. “You can go back with me now. Are you willing?”

“I can only stay here,” Chen Wen-Jin said. “Come alone and I’ll show you the results of your choice back then.”

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